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Young adult smoking chat

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Organizations such as My and LIVESTRONG Fertility also provide fertility-related support and advice to young adults and health care professionals.

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Research has found that although discussions of fertility preservation between doctors and young adult cancer patients are becoming more common, improvements are still needed.Perhaps you just began college, landed a job, or started a family.A cancer diagnosis puts most people on a rollercoaster of emotions.Factors such as your age, overall health, and personal preference are also important.Your treatment options may include a clinical trial or standard medical care.A desire for normalcy may keep you from sharing your cancer experience with your healthy peers, adding to a sense of isolation. Cancer is treated by a team of experts who address not only the disease but also your emotional and psychological needs.

Some hospitals offer comprehensive support programs. Support can come in many forms, including counseling, retreats sponsored by organizations that serve young adults with cancer, and support groups.

However, young adults who have cancers that are more common in adults are often treated by a medical oncologist through hospitals that are affiliated with an NCI-Designated Cancer Center or a clinical research network such as NCTN or NCORP.

Learn more about finding a doctor and how to get a second opinion in Finding Health Care Services.

Evidence suggests that some cancers in adolescents and young adults may have unique genetic and biological features.

Researchers are working to learn more about the biology of cancers in young adults so that they can identity molecularly targeted therapies that may be effective in these cancers.

The most common cancers in adolescents and young adults (AYAs) are: Because cancer in young adults is rare, it is important to find an oncologist who specializes in treating the type of cancer you have.