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I know many are clamoring for an update on our i OS apps – sorry, you won’t find that in this blog post.

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One of first things you will notice is that you can tab to any part of the editor, add or delete splits, and do just about anything with key strokes. We also greatly improved how split balancing works.There are two basic use cases that we wanted to get right and we think we really nailed it. Split entry case 1: A transaction exists in your account that is not split, and you want to split it.When you are adding splits to this transaction, you never want the total to change, or else it will affect your account balance.He lives in Oregon with his wife and their two sons.Musixmatch is the world’s largest collection of song lyrics used by millions of people to get instant synchronised lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more.Split entry case 2: You sit down to enter a new transaction, and you just want to enter in all of the split items and let the total be the amount debited from (or deposited to) the account.

Right off the bat, we handle both of these cases without you having to do anything – we just do the right thing – but we also exposed a new control so you can be more precise in controlling exactly how split entry will work.

But we’ve added a of other new features and polish throughout the app, and they deserve some attention.

So over the coming months I’ll be doing a few blog posts calling out some of these less-spotlighted features and, of course, we will write about other development/company news as appropriate.

See my study results showing that paternal half siblings can be told from the others here ].

Sometimes the X can help distinguish those, see my post on that here.

To learn more about segments, read the new blog by one of my favorite DNA writers on the yahoo DNA-NEWBIE list, Jim Bartlett, called He explains why you share such large chunks of DNA with your closer relatives by showing how recombination works and how few cross-overs there usually are in a recent post at While the total amount of shared DNA in centimorgans (c Ms) is a fine indicator for your closest relatives out to second cousins, farther relationships can be more and more random in the amount of shared DNA.