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Xbox updating every time

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"And really the game developer is the best person to decide how to use all that power.So different games are gonna take advantage of the [Xbox One X] performance in different ways."For instance, Rise of the Tomb Raider is doing several different modes.

All mention of virtual reality was removed entirely from the official Project Scorpio website, although Microsoft did state in a recent interview with Game Spot that the possibility or virtual reality is still very much on the roadmap for the console."Xbox One X Enhanced is really a way to inform customers that a developer has done work that allows them to take advantage of all the performance and all of the horsepower of the Xbox One X," Penello explains."It's just a simple way that customers can understand this game is doing something special on the Xbox One X." "One of the things that we wanted to do was make sure that we were building the best platforms for developers so that the best versions of games are on Xbox," Penello says.With E3 2017 just over a week away, Ybarra's tweet sent Xbox fans into a frenzy of excitement.If you’re into staring at pictures of chips this chip is likely to do wonders for you.VR isn’t quite the hot topic it was 12 months ago, but confirmation of support of an existing headset would be well received, should such an announcement be made.

Microsoft made no mention of VR during its Xbox One X reveal at E3 2017, suggesting that VR isn’t currently in the platform holder’s plans for the console.

For everyone else, well, it’s a picture of something that will be inside the Xbox Scorpio. Phil Spencer and Cliff Bleszinski Comment on Xbox Scorpio As E3 2017 approaches we're starting to get more and more murmurs out of games execs.

The latest come from Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer and Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski.

Given the power gap between the Xbox Scorpio and the PS4 Pro, this isn't really unexpected, but it remains to be seen if the average consumer will be able to notice any significant differences.

Gamers also have to think about which platform will offer the most complete version of a game, with Sony locking down exclusive content for Destiny 2 and timed exclusive content for Co D WW2.

The reveal happened before the release of Sony's Play Station 4 Pro, a machine which provides a combination of native and upscaled 4K gaming.