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in British Racing Green with white stripes as driven by the Cooper Works Team on the circuit during the 1960s. London Buses of the Post-War Years (numbered 069-072) 1999 EL4 - Amongst these four are two of London Transport’s most famous buses, the RT introduced in 1946 and the RM (Routemaster), a superb vehicle which entered full scale service in 1959.I had a 1959 Mini and my aspiration to own a Cooper was never achieved! Also in the set is the RF single-decker and the DMS.

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They are colour chromos, reminiscent of Liebigs, picturing divers working on the sea bed. Heavyweight Champions of the Naughty 1890s (Boxing) 2001 L4 - Today’s boxing contests must seem like a junior warm-up in comparison to the bloody fights which took place in the late 19th century, as described on these cards in texts researched from contemporary newspapers. Jeffries – are American and there is our very own Bob Fitzsimmons making up the set.\\r\\n Size 81 x 60mm.\\r\\n Iron Mike Tyson Bonus Series 2004 L5 - This is an addition to the main series of thirty, and features five fights held in New York State between his first in November 1985 and 23rd in June 1986 in which Tyson beat various opponents only two of whom lasted beyond the second round.This major south-coast company had a large and diverse fleet of vehicles, including the excellent coach version of the Leyland Tiger Cub and Guy Arab double-deckers, the latter as pictured in this set being an advertisement for Kensitas cigarettes and gifts so appropriate for the early 1950s. All are pictured in colour against an appropriate background and there is a brief description on the postcard format back. Traction Engines (Numbered 109-112) 2000 EL4 - This set contains four steam giants, powerful beasts widely used in agriculture, road building, fairgrounds etc. The set has postcard format backs and contain a brief text relating to the vehicle. The original 3.8 model pictured on the first of these four cards was a hit from the moment it was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show of 1961. Midland Red Buses (Numbered 117-120) 2000 EL4 - These postcard size cards feature four buses.The other three cards follow developments in style and performance with the SI FHC (1964), SII DHC and the SIII DHC of 1971 depicted as one of the last 50 special edition black E-Types. Midland Red were one of the country’s largest operators and were notable for some ground-breaking innovations like the S6, the first under-floor-engined single-decker and their pre-war front-entrance double-deckers, both of which are included in this set, with descriptive backs and numbered 117 to 120.Silver and Naomi Clark used to be best friends, but when Silver confided in Naomi about her father's affair, Naomi told the whole school, ending their friendship.During her early high school years, Silver developed a more reserved, somewhat irreverent side offset by a warmer nature hidden within.Following a chat with Kelly, however, she realized that Naomi was the true focus of her resentment, and apologized to Annie by helping her win a part in a school musical.

This led to the beginning of Silver and Annie's friendship.

The cards have a postcard format back with brief text. Sporting Mini Cooper (numbered 157-160) 2010 EL4 - Performance was what the Cooper was all about and this card set gets right in there with the first card showing John Rhodes in a Cooper Car Co. Next, the 1963 RAC Rally with a Cooper ‘8 EMO’ driven by Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon, whilst no. The vehicles are illustrated in colour against an appropriate background and the postcard format backs contain a brief text relating to the vehicle. Mini Cooper (numbered 161-164) 2010 EL4 - A British car with the wow factor, the Mini Cooper launched in 1961 with its 997cc engine was a huge improvement on the standard car.

3 is Steve Neal in the 1969 British Saloon Car Championship, which was won by Alex Poole in an Equipe Arden Car illustrated on No. The Austin Mk I Cooper features first, followed by the 1967 ‘S’, Mk II, the Mk III 1275 S and finally the Mini Cooper-Cooper Car Co.

Size 152 x 105mm Land Rover Legends Series 3 (Numbered 101-104) 2000 EL4 - Here we have another four Land Rover models shown against suitable backgrounds in the same format as the previous two series.

In this batch numbered 101-102 are a 1982 109-inch Station-Wagon, a Metropolitan Police version of the 109-inch Hard-top, a RAF Airfield Crash Rescue vehicle from 1971 and a Series III 88-inch in Coastguard livery. Land Rover Ninety, One Ten and Defender (Numbered 105-108) 2000 EL4 - In the same format as their Land Rover Legends series these are a set of four Land Rovers including the Ninety model used by the British Army, a One Ten used by Liverpool Airport Fire Service, a 1991 Defender 110 Country Station Wagon and the 1997 Defender 90 with alloy wheels.

Like David and Kelly before her, Silver enrolled at West Beverly High, eventually gaining school-wide notoriety due to The Vicious Circle, a popular video blog in which she reports on the lives of those around her often by inserting digitized photos into animated shorts.