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Who is ryan higa dating 2016

On your Wikipedia page, your occupation is listed as "You Tube personality".

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Born in Sacramento, he would later move to Las Vegas, NV. He and Slopsmcgee made a video together for Higa TV for Thanksgiving 2015.Do you aspire to change your title into something more traditional? In making You Tube videos, you can't just be an actor, you have to also know the shots and how to write.I can't say that we're good at everything, but we know how to do a little bit of everything.Ki Hong Lee Ki Hong Lee is an actor in a new age of entertainment, where traditional media converges with digital.Admirably, he straddles both of these with nonchalant ease.It goes without saying that the decade-old video community has shaken the entertainment world to its core.

“You Tube is the anti-Hollywood, the anti-TV,” Ben Austen argues in , citing Danny Zappin of You Tube-based entertainment network Maker Studios.

A major characteristic of your videos is that they're just really random.

They're very random, but at the same time, I try to target things that I'm personally interested in, and things that I think my viewers are interested in. I've been all around the world and met so many different people.

“There are no decisions by committee, no casting calls, no gatekeepers to pass just to get started.” For the creators who found a niche in this behemoth of a platform, it all started in the spirit of fun – until they started to go viral and amass viewership.

Advertising revenues has made being a You Tube star (or “You Tuber”) lucrative, so Google, You Tube’s parent company, started to send these talents paychecks under its Partner Program.

Yeah, I think people are still trying to figure out what it is that we do. Technically, I direct, I'm a writer, and I do all these things, but I never went to school for them.