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Finally, the obtained extracts were kept in the dark at 4°C until further analysis.For water extraction, the fungi powder (50 g) was macerated during 24 h in 200 ml distilled water, with continuous stirring at room temperature.

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Moreover, they can be ground and added to other dishes as a supplement [2,3].Several studies on the chemical composition of desert truffles showed that they are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fatty acids and minerals as well as many beneficial phytochemicals.The protein content, which averages 20% of the dry mass in desert truffles, is more important than in most vegetables and other fungi [2,4-7].The methanolic extract displayed the highest DPPH• radical-scavenging activity (IC50: 0.26 mg/ml) and lipid peroxidation inhibitory activity (IC50: 0.51 mg/ml), and also exhibited remarkable inhibitory activity against seven species of bacteria whose minimum inhibitory concentration values ranged from 0.36 to 1.32 mg/ml.; Functional food; Nutrients; Antioxidant activity; Antibacterial activity Desert truffles, which are edible mycorrhizal fungi constituted a popular food in many cultures due to their medicinal and nutritional properties and they have become very attractive as a functional food [1].Flavonoids and tannins contents were expressed as mg catechin equivalent (CE)/g extract.

The dried truffles of were also subjected for ascorbic acid, total carotenoids and total anthocyanins contents, which were estimated as previously described [2,14,15].

Carbohydrates were the most abundant macronutrients (57.83 g/100 g DM) followed by proteins (28.81 g/100 g DM) in T. The ash content was 5.06 g/100 g DM, and potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron were found to be particularly abundant.

The results of ascorbic acid, total carotenoids and total anthocyanins expressed on a dry mass truffle were 10.63 mg/100 g, 1.17 mg/100 g and 29.1 mg/100 g, respectively. nivea contained relatively important amounts of total phenolics and flavonoids.

Different mineral constituents (potassium calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, manganese and copper) were analyzed separately using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Hitachi Z6100, Tokyo, Japan).

The total phosphorus content was determined using a molybdenum-blue colorimetric method [5].

Chemical analysis and antioxidant activities The dried truffle powder (25 g) was soxhlet-extracted successively using three solvents of increasing polarity as follows: petroleum ether, followed by chloroform and methanol during 6 h for each solvent.