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The advantage of a Banana Lock Comb is that sometimes hair is not thick or textured enough for the combs to easily stay put in the hair.As a result, one or both of the combs might slip out of the hair.

Dan's jumping affects his family life and his job, and instills suspicion in his brother Jack, a police detective.The teeth can vary in thickness, length and strength. The lock combs may not work for all hair types, textures, lengths and conditions. Banana lock combs may not hold well in hair which is very fine or thin or has a natural tendency to be slippery or very soft. These interlocking hair combs may not work in hair which is extremely thick or heavy unless used on only a portion of hair such as a half pony. Banana lock combs may get tangled in naturally curly, coily or kinky hair but usually works well for naturally wavy tresses. They are also available in natural shades of black, brown, tortoise or similar. Banana lock combs can be used to help hold an updo in place or to secure a side pony or as decoration for a range of cute, flirty, sassy hairstyles. These hair accessories are available from a range of countries and may be hand crafted or made from a mold. Gather the hair into a ponytail in the center of the back of your head. Hold your hair in one hand and the comb in the other. They are made from the finest cellulose or an inexpensive plastic. It was implied that Evan had traveled to different time periods at random.The same can be inferred with Livia, who claims that she has gone through many jumps of her own. The jumps manifest themselves with a small blue flash and a ripple as Dan appears to vanish from the present, and appear instantly in the past.He is missing from the present for a period of time unrelated to the period he spends in the past.

His disappearances and reappearances are rarely witnessed by anyone else.

It becomes evident when Dan feels the jumps coming on and as the jump occurs, he is seen walking with the ripples being shown behind him.

Dan is also trying to figure out the mechanics of his travels.

While in the past, Dan reconnects with his ex-fiancée, Livia, whom he had believed was killed in a plane crash but who is actually a fellow time traveler.

Dan's "shifts" through time occur seemingly at random.

Likewise, fate seems to conspire against him if he tries to alter other events beyond his current charge.