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Who is johnny messner dating

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Her Rapunzel length wig looks familiar – because Blac Chyna (bottom photo) has been wearing the SAME one.

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He saw the floodgates opening and rightly assumed that he would soon be in big trouble.Emerging as a natural portrayer of dangerous masculinity, he garnered his first lead role as the courageous hero of the action-packed creature feature "Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid" and delivered a memorable turn as an unhinged mob goon in the unbelievably frenzied pulp thriller "Running Scared." Ever since, he's released a number of self-starring vehicles--including the animalistic prison brawler "Ring of Death"--to the TV-movie and direct-to-video markets, where there is a huge demand for brutal action Johnny Messner and his wife Kathryn Morris have kept a secret so long - the case almost got cold! "We complement each other very well," the new mom shared. "We make the best team." Morris is best known for her work as Detective Lilly Rush on the CBS series, which ended in 2010. Messner played ex-FBI agent Burke Wyatt in the 2008 TV movie Ring of Death, and stars in the 2009 film Corrado as the title character, with Tom Sizemore, Frank Stallone and Tony Curran.The Enquirer has revealed that in 1986 when Charlie Sheen filmed with Corey Haim, 13, that he sexually assaulted him!

Corey shared the information with friends, but everyone, including Haim’s pal Corey Feldman, was AFRAID to point the finger at Charlie.

The “church” has a history of making criminal accusations against their members disappear.

Case in point: lifetime Scientologist and star of Danny Masterson.

star and fellow actor, Johnny Messner, welcomed twins on Wednesday, Aug. "We are so blessed," the new dad added via Twitter.

21, a rep for the actress confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. The first-time parents — together for three-and-a-half years — announced they were expecting in April.

It’s time for the prosecutor to take a second look.