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And kind of the rhythm—the set-off and the pay-off and the rhythm of it.

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"Don't be afraid to be black," writer/director John Singleton told a largely-black, standing-room only audience at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday.That was probably one of the most intense parts I’ve seen in the entire series and I guess it’s important—I believe when Johnnie made his comment, it was almost like the camera was shot up at him, then you were shooting downward for Darden’s response. He’s in a position of weakness, and Johnnie’s in a position of power all of a sudden.Now, were those things that you noticed during the trial, about the power struggle, especially how Johnnie Cochran was coming across as opposed to how Chris Darden was coming across? You didn’t know whether or not it was going to lay out that way. These days we’re in a situation of heightened racial tension, and it’s just kind of interesting to see over the years, from numerous murders to Black Lives Matter, then watching this show.Last month, with the whole #Oscars So White controversy going on, that's pretty much what you'd been saying, that it’s not like this anything new.And I believe you said, there was a small pool of films for the Academy to choose from.The filmmaker -- who received two Oscar nominations for PHOTOS 35 of 2014's Most Anticipated Movies Singleton deplored black actors too scared to take risky or violent roles.

"They tuck their balls up under their ass to be accepted, you know what I mean?

I did , and he’s like my brother we started in this whole game together. Yeah, I met him a couple times, but the most prominent time was when I was in college, and he was on this show called The old HBO show? Was there anything you gleaned from meeting him back then that you imparted on Cuba? Before the trial, or any of this happened, black people wrote O. In regards to shooting your episode, you've said that you were looking at how the prosecution and defense were like opposing forces.

You said you were coming up as the trial was going on, and I was reading you had actually interacted with O. I didn’t have to do anything, Cuba had the role down pat. Being that you're from Los Angeles and were heavily invested in the O. Simpson trial as it was going on, can you talk about what it was like watching such a high profile trial unfold? It was interesting to me how, through the course of the trial, O. What exactly you did you do in the episode to bring that to light?

But I know you’ve also talked about how there’s been a disproportionate number of black directors making black films. I’m pretty much bored with it, the questions like this.

So in light of the Academy saying they’re trying to fix their diversity issues, what would it take for the situation to change? Not every black director wants to make black films, and not everyone should.

I cut mine before college, though." Singleton told another questioner the secret of a successful pitch meeting.