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Who is jessica from true blood dating

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That just went on and on, and though I’m sure it’s a staple of Southern Gothic, a little less bible-thumping goes a long way. They’re usually attached to someone trying to save your soul or sell you resurrection, neither of which vampires need. If needed another vampire, they probably could have bought the license to… Imagine that he was so big that the world felt his influence and knew what he ate.Imagine probably the biggest solo rock star in modern history, so handsome they put him in movies. So sexy, they could only film him from the hip-shaking waist down. Now imagine that star, who could send his Cadillac out on tour for him, dying while taking a shit. Or maybe you do, there are some people who love that shit. Anyway, if you’re from the South, and the Sookie Stackhouse novels are definitely southern gothics, for a kick-off you hate that he died like that. The unlicensed Pelvis could have been replaced by his brother Enis or could have sat in for Sam’s brother, Tommy Mickens, star of .

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Sookie first encounters Cataliades when her cousin Hadley dies. Desmond spilled a little blood into Sookie’s grandfather. Cataliades is the great-great great grandfather of the first telepath Sookie encounters other than herself, Barry Horowitz. Diantha is a punk semi-demon with a fashion sense that is all her own and if you think she clashes, keep it to yourself. Diantha would probably be the first person I’d call to get rid of a body.Some of the characters were very well suited for the screen. But we’ll never know because they never showed up for the party.Here are some of the characters from the book series that were never unborn on the screen. When he needs extra cash, he strips at a fairy Chippendale knock-off.could have inserted Diantha and Cataliades into the series in place of Jessica. Jessica Hamby was supposed to be Bill's punishment, not ours.I was annoyed by Jessica when she was first introduced in the series and again later.could have afforded a JB du Rone, they grow like magnolia in Louisiana.

The book’s arc could have replaced Tara’s turn as a pissed off vampire who’s all loving sunshine with her maker, Pamela Swynford De Beaufort (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten, the girlfriend with "Man-Hands" on ).

Personally, I think Quinn would have been a welcome distraction to that oh-too-romantic love fest ménage a trois in season five when Sookie was singing “Torn Between Two Lovers” and asking the vampires to all just get along. could have used some of the supernatural radio station, WDED or KDED, that was played in the werewolf bars and at Fangtasia in the novels. Humans are meant for eating, so all this nonsense about human on human crime deserves to get his PTSD ass choked by the desert Ifrit. He was a semi-demon who knew more than he ever let on about Sookie Stackhouse, the errant waitress the book is told through. Cataliades is a semi-demon, but also a little devil.

Quinn also could have stepped in for the Terry Bellefleur (played by Todd Lowe who broke up Lane Kim's band as Zach Van Gerbig on ) supernatural nonsense too. By the last book he’s even gathering souls and making deals.

The concept of skinwalking, being able to turn into people after you kill your parents, would never have seen the light of day, and Tommy did get to sleep with Sam’s girlfriend Luna. Quinn first shows up when he’s putting together the fight ring for Alcede’s father to die in when he fights for the challenge of packmaster. Quinn’s mom is crazy and his sister’s taking lessons.

Bubba could have swiveled his hips at one of the too-few orgies. John Quinn is Sookie’s weretiger lover in the novels. Probably the best match for Sookie, save the last, in the last book, and I’m not saying who that is, he might have eaten his rivals on TV. Desmond Cataliades was probably my favorite character in the book.

Sookie and Tara, who is an entirely different character in the book series, take turns being chaperoned to places with him when they want good-looking arm candy.