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Who is donald young dating

When Donald's ex-wife Barbara (Barbara Stevens) arrives to take a teaching post at the school, he is surprised and when their son Alan (Simon Kay) arrives to repeat Year 12, Donald becomes stressed as his relationship with Alan has deteriorated in the four years since they last saw each other.Alan begins acting up at school but Donald softens when he finds out Alan has a brain tumour, but lashes out when Alan provokes him one day.

Marilyn, unable to cope, leaves Donald and he returns to Australia alone.Donald, after finding out his former sister-in-law, Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) is Bobby's mother, visits Morag in hospital and asks if he is Bobby's father.Morag confirms he is but Donald wants this kept a secret.After Pippa leaves, Donald becomes Sam's guardian when he fails to adjust to Travis and Rebecca as his new foster parents Marilyn later falls pregnant and gives birth to a son, Byron Vincent, named after Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten) who illegally sped through traffic to get Marilyn to hospital.After suffering from post-natal depression and left Donald alone with Byron.After Donald refuses to sell his house to the Macklin development at Morag's suggestion, she threatens to tell Bobby the truth.

Donald remains unflappable and refuses to change his stance on the matter.

Donald soon begins making romantic advances but is rebuffed.

When Lucinda Croft (Dee Smart), Donald's niece arrives, he is quick to play matchmaker between her and local constable Nick Parrish (Bruce Roberts).

When Marilyn returns a few months later, she feels inadequate as Donald has hired Nanny Ellen Porter (Anne Grigg) but later grow to love Byron.

This is only to last a few months as Byron is diagnosed with cancer.

He spends almost his entire tenure on the show as the Principal of Summer Bay (at which he is given his iconic nickname "Flathead"), where he is stern but fair to all the students.