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Who is deitrick haddon dating

When dating is examined in the light of a biblical world view, it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

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Yet, marriage in its purest design is – without a doubt – the most selfless of all endeavors.Dating is the illusion that has infused cosmic world views such as ethical relativism (the belief that no absolute moral code exists and that man determines what is right through his private judgments) and secular humanism (the belief based on atheism and naturalism that holds that man is the measure of all things and he, himself, sets the norms and standards by which he will be judged) with the natural human proclivity to seek self above all else.It is believed that dating brings insight that allows individuals to effectively choose the right mate.If this is the case as for as you are concerned, I only ask that you look at what is presented in the way of reason, with an open mind.This is not a bid to validate Christianity or authenticate the Bible. What we aspire to do here is to take a brief look at the fallacious institution of dating and acknowledge its polarity to marriage when placed juxtaposed to the true tenets of marriage as a biblical institution.When one is not thinking of themselves above their mate it is quite difficult to become disenfranchised and disappointed.

When the sole desire of a person is to seek the greater good for their spouse above all else, there is no room for selfish pursuits and complaints.

This article will also treat the Bible as authoritative and inerrant.

Again, if you disagree you are well within your right to do so.

It is believed that the longer a couple dates the more successful their marriage will be, but when research and surveys are conducted the contrary is revealed.

The vast majority of those that were married within the first three to six months of meeting remained married long beyond 10 years, whereas, those that dated or were engaged beyond two years found it to be a difficult endeavor to reach the five year mark.

Dating is one of the dynamic elements that facilitate this erroneous concept of marriage.