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Who is dating zooey deschanel

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Deschanel obviously has a great sense of humor, and in 2011 she co-launched a comedy website geared toward women, called Hello Giggles.

According to Us Weekly, Gibbard and Deschanel -- who began dating in 2008 and wed in Seattle, Wash.STORY: Zooey Deschanel Christmas Album Out Next Week The news of the breakup arrives less than a week after Deschanel's alt-folk outfit, She & Him, released its first holiday album, , which was picked up for a full season after debuting to strong ratings in is looking forward to some post-breakup downtime (including, perhaps, even a day or two where she doesn't look immaculately put-together), I couldn't resist thinking ahead to some potential new flames.Celebrities tend to be very trend-conscious, but Zooey Deschanel is independent when it comes to curating her personal image.Bold, bright makeup colors; thick bangs; and flamboyant fashion are all part of Deschanel's iconic look.Zooey Deschanel has a delightfully childlike spirit, and in 2011, she revealed she'd recently thrown a party for her friends at American Girl Place.

Growing up, she had both the Molly and Samantha dolls.

Honestly, we are really looking forward to some grade-A Winston and Schmidt scenes this season.

"You come home, you're like 'Whatever, let's go hang out!

We wish the happy couple congratulations while we shake our fist at 2014.

The actress, 37, was spotted on the set of “New Girl” in Los Angeles with her growing belly visible underneath a flowing red top.

Since tragedies always come in threes, it’s no surprise that 2014 had to go out with one last elbow to the ribs of all internet oglers.