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Who is carre otis dating

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It was a -- the director -- I said, who is directing the movie. He had done these Nike commercials with all these masks with Derek Jeter and all these other athletes and football players, and used masks which he was using to experiment with this for this thing. I said if I'm going to do this genre, then I would like do it with somebody that is going to keep the integrity to it and who is going to do something different. As it turned out, he got enveloped in huge support.

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It was already ruined, but -- MORGAN: How did it go, the boxing? Did you ever think you could have been a proper contestant? (END VIDEO CLIP) MORGAN: Love at first sight with rock star husband Seal. MORGAN: I've always wondered, why would you -- in the middle of this dazzling film career -- want to go and get beaten around the head? And all of a sudden, years went by and this armor kept building on me. And I was -- you know, I was out of control with any sort of responsibility for my actions or anything like that. MORGAN: I want to come back and just ask you, as delicately as I can, about comments from your ex-wife. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KLUM: Yes, we did find each other in a lobby in a hotel in New York City and it was kind of like two magnets like this. ROURKE: The acting wasn't something I was having fun doing anymore or liked doing. I started out fighting before I was acting, actually, then got hurt and got into the acting. I worked very hard to become -- MORGAN: -- one of the biggest movie stars in the world. And you don't -- instead of being all nervous and shaky and -- I got hard. And it became a weakness, because it was backfiring. And so, all this -- everything that I cultivated, instead of feeling shame or insignificant, it just backfired. MORGAN: In the wilderness years, I mean, when you were walking, say, into a store in Hollywood, a grocery store or something, what was the reality of that? You go in to the 7-Eleven to get a, you know, whatever you're going to buy in there, and, you know -- cigarettes, a condom, a candy bar, and you're in line with like eight people. You're -- and they say the wrong name and it's like (EXPLETIVE DELETED). (END VIDEO CLIP) MORGAN: And the surprising reason she became an American. And, I just saw too much -- at that time, I saw too much gray and the politics and the mediocrity of it just wasn't something I respected at the time. But I had just done a film -- I had just -- I think I had done "Angel Heart." It was a tough film, but it had integrity and a really great director and actors in it. ROURKE: Well, you know, the guy did a really great job with the nose. He took the cartilage from back here, rebuilt everything. But the hands bother me, because the hands shake a little. ROURKE: Well, you know, I always had trouble with wrapping my hands, because my hands would swell up. MORGAN: When your Hollywood career initially all went pear- shaped, because I think by your own admission, your behavior was pretty out of control -- ROURKE: Surely. ROURKE: I worked very hard to become the best actor that I could be, and to honor that and to try to -- and to say every day, how can I be a better actor today than I was yesterday? ROURKE: Well, I did it because I had some issues when I was very young with authority and with physical -- MORGAN: You were abused by a family member that came into your family. There's always going to be some -- I was going to say (EXPLETIVE DELETED) -- who says, hey, aren't you so and so? It was like -- MORGAN: You actually hear that line? (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MORGAN: Specifically, apparently, so you can you vote for Barack Obama? (END VIDEO CLIP) MORGAN: What did you think about that now? And then, I waited I think about a year or two or something like that for something that I could respect to do again and nothing came around. You had lots of surgical repairs after your boxing career. It's like I have days when I can smell, days that I can't smell. MORGAN: When you realized it had all gone -- ROURKE: Yes. ROURKE: Can you imagine walking to work, not driving your -- whatever the hell it is out there, Aston Martin? And to take all of that over several years and throw it all away -- I know why I did it now. Return to Transcripts main page PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT Interview With Mickey Rourke; Interview With Heidi Klum Aired November 19, 2011 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. (END VIDEO CLIP) MORGAN: And tonight, for the first time, he fires back at his ex-wife Carre Otis and the explosive charges in her new book. Despite all the chaos -- ROURKE: Not -- I think it's -- as it was put to me, you are in love with the idea of who you wanted her to be, not who she really is. The way I've read about that kind of stuff is you pretend it never happens.

THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) ROURKE: It's probably like a little bit of sour grapes, you know, chasing the buck, and a delusional, kind of narcissistic, self- centered point of view. Even Sean and I had an altercation where we didn't talk for 10 years, you know? MORGAN: That I can imagine, because you're both fiery guys. So, finally one day, we just -- I remember I was out of work. (END VIDEO CLIP) MORGAN: Even now, you're loving every second of that, aren't you? ROURKE: Well -- MORGAN: -- going to work -- ROURKE: That was a while ago. And I -- MORGAN: Do you think if you both hadn't been quite so messed up at the time -- ROURKE: Oh, of course. So -- but if you want to write a God damn book and help people, talk about what the real problem is, not the bull (EXPLETIVE DELETED) that you want to be a spokesman for a disease you never had.

That didn't come out right, but you what I'm saying.

No, I'm just saying that, you know, you have to plan things out.

MORGAN: I mean, it was around that whole time -- ROURKE: Well, there's not a day -- there's not a day that I'm not out in a club or a bar walking down the street that some guy will come up to me, oh, man, I got laid because of you, or did you -- I said, no, I didn't, you know? They -- when they close the door and it hits them in the ass, they're gone. MORGAN: Are an easier guy to go out with, to date, to be with? But the thing with me right now is, as time goes by, everything's not so sacred.

You know, it happened so long ago, the -- that movie.

That's about all I could accomplish if that makes sense to you. Staying on my motorcycle for years on end wasn't doing it. I was starting to work again, but nobody was putting big dollars on my head, you know, to do something. (LAUGHTER) ROURKE: He wants me -- he wants everybody to think he's a walk in the park to work with, so he can attract the talent, but he's hard work.