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Who is ashley tisdale dating june 2016

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He followed up with "17 Again" and became a leading actor in many romantic comedies, including "The Lucky One," "That Awkward Moment" and "Neighbors." In his personal life, he broke hearts across the world when he and co-star Vanessa Hudgens ended their relationship in 2010.

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She continued to shed her Disney persona alongside Mary Kate Olsen in "Beastly," with friend Selena Gomez in "Spring Breakers" and most recently in "Gimme Shelter." She will return to TV this year as Betty Rizzo for "Grease: Live" and announced in 2014 that she was working on an album.She is a Youth Champion for the United Nations and created the online platform, Gimme Mo'. Since then, she has stuck to a few guest starring roles on shows like "Bones" but mainly turned her attention to philanthropy work.She is a Youth Champion for the United Nations and created the online platform, Gimme Mo'. Ashley Tisdale looks fresh-faced and gorgeous while out runnign errands after a workout on Tuesday afternoon (June 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.The 30-year-old actress recently took to Instagram to celebrate her dog’s birthday!Hey, did you hear the latest in celebrity pregnancy rumors?

According to some eagle eyes over on Twitter, Ashley Tisdale, the High School Musical legend herself, is looking like she's got a bun right in her lady oven these days.

He has since appeared in "One Life to Live" and proposed to actress Sasha Clements in 2014.

Grabeel, who played Tisdale's twin brother, remains a staple at the Disney Channel.

ZAC EFRON MISSES "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" 10 YEAR REUNION SPECIAL Disney's hottest hunk during the early 2000's grew up to be a Hollywood stud.

Efron was already making his way to the big screen with 2007's "Hairspray," while filming the "HSM" trilogy.

but then messes things up and than he fixes it and as they kiss the camera pans over and fades into a black screen - the end.