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What r the free trial live adult singles phone chat line numbers dallas txts

What r the free trial live adult singles phone chat line numbers dallas txts-29

I was told she was- I ask why then, my caller id identified the call as "UBS Financial?

" I then explain that I'm on do not call registry and that they broke the law- She immediately hangs up Just got this call a few minutes ago from Anne Roberts in the promotional department of America West, offering tickets out of Baltimore MD- to Miami or Port Canaveral for a d n cruise to the Bahamas on Carnival or Royal Carribean if I called in the next -hours- I'm sorry but didn't the Bahamas just get hammered by Hurricane Irene???I too have told them to stop calling times now but like clockwork everyday comes a new call- Searches show that that the carrier for the number is One Communications landline- They appear to be an Earthlink company now Has anyone contacted them and had any luck?I am waiting to hear back from them- Hoping to see if I can get some more information as I think the only way they will stop is via lawsuits I just now received a call from () , The location of the this phone number shows to be Dunn, NC- The woman with a heavy India Pakistan accent tells me that my computer is infected, is sendiing out bad content and infected others as well- She wanted to have access to my computer for her to show where the infection was- After I sternly suggested to her that as an IT Professional, I have always kept the latest anti-virus and anti-spamware searching, and that I also manually look for anything out of the ordinary, she quickly hung up- The people behind this scheme should be reported as fraudulent, and be put awaymy mom was asking me today if i had called anyone in the area code on her cell phone because she got a call at around four am from the number , That number called her about six times,and also called during the day but stopped all of a sudden- She said when she would answer all she would hear is a loud beep kinda sounded like a dial tone modem sound from a computer or something it was very strange- I called back private and got the same noise- It was very strange This number called me today my sister answered and they asked for me (and pronounced my name correctly) but she dropped a glass and had to hang up- i tried calling the number back but it says does not exist- My caller id said NAME UNAVAILABLE not young, az- good luck figuring this guy out Best advice I can give, threaten to file a complaint or go to court- That is the only way they will let us code a call as a do not call- The people that we call they don't care about and we even have to clock out to go to the bathroom Beauty Mark LLC Orange Rd, Montclair, NJ Glen Ridge, West Orange, Bloomfield "One stop shop for all things beauty-" Beauty Mark LLC is a Beauty Supply Store that offers different beauty supplies, cosmetics and make up- Our beauty boutique also offers different services like massages, facials and waxing- Just call in for an appointment and see for yourself why Beauty Mark is more than a Beauty Shop- Beauty Supply Store, Beauty Supply Shop, Beauty Supplies, Beauty Shop, Beauty Boutique, Massage Spa, Waxing Supplies, Beauty Studio, Cosmetics Store, Cosmetics Shop, beautymarknj-com Phone rang, I answered- Nothing on the other end- I called the number back, a recording said the phone number was no longer in service- seconds later I received a call from the same number- Still "not in service" when I attempted to call back Ronald Construction Brooklyn, NY, () - Ronald Construction is a Demolition Contractor with more than years experience in business with competitive and reasonable prices-Licensed,insured,bonded -proudly serving in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan areas and offering % satisfaction-Our Main service is Demolition Removal but you can call us at () - for : -Scrap metal removal -Junk removal -Hauling -Garbage removal -Dumpster Rental Service -Demolition and plumbing You call ,we haul Demolition Removal Service , Bobcat Service , Demolition Work Company , Demolition Removal Contractor , Residential Demolition Contractor Neighbourhood: Flatlands Demolition Contractor, Demolition Service, Demolition , Residential Demolition Service, Commercial Demolition Company ronaldconstructionny-com I got a call from this number, this was the transcription from Google Voice- I believe it is a debt collector-Hi there, My name is Connie black sure I'm trying to get location information for NAME LASTNAME you have any information please contact me at () , That number again- Is () This company called and waed to know if I owned any property- They had an old address of mine and they said "they wanted to talk to the property owners-" When I informed them we were just renters and that was about years ago they decided to end the call- Very obvious it is a scam and they were fishing for information- Don't tell them a thing and report to your local FBI office- Provide them with date time of call and the number that called you I got a called from this number didn't answer it- Block my nub error and call back but a message comes on- Stating this person has a black box wait for this person to call you back-So it's not even a business is a number for an individual- A scam artist THEY CALL ME EVERY MONTH TO TIMES WITH THE SAME NON SENSE I HAVE REPORTED THEM SEVERAL TIMES SEEMS AS THOUGH NO ONE CAN CATCH THEMI HOPE SOMEONE IS LISTENING TO US FOR A CHANGE IN OUR LIVES , WHY AND HOW ARE THEY GETTING THIS INFORMATION ON USBig D Towing NW Leary Way Seattle, WA bigdtowing-com Big D Towing has been an independently owned family business for the past two decades- We offer competitive rates and a fast response time-Towing, Towing Company, Jump Starts, Flat Tire, Towing Service The calls from , are from the Knoxville Firefighters association- If you donate, they will pester the email out of you, and they give your phone # to other such organizations who will start calling- They have several different phone numbers they call from that start with This company's number appeared on my screen and it would not allow me to close it out- The message said that it was my service provider, Charter in Rockwall, alerting me that a virus has been downloaded and I have a real threat of hackers stealing my info- I called the number an Indian (gas station not casino lol) answered claiming to be tech support for microsoft- He said that Charter forward any tech issue to his number- When I told him that I will call my provider direct to make sure this is legitimate- His rhetoric with me changed and he was aggressively insistent I go get my husband's credit card and pay him dollars- BTW, get my HUSBAND'S credit card??If we receive another call from this number, or this company again, we will take legal action.They call several times each day and when I answer most of the time I hear the robo-caller beep and they hang up- Sometimes when I answer I can hear people talking in the background- I say hello or times but nobody says anything so I hang up- Only once have I talked with somebody- Very quickly I knew this was money scam- Had to do with a loan several years ago that I paid off with cashiers check and my witness can confirm because she picked up the cashiers check for me and took it to the post office- Beware of these scam artist as they try to trick people especially seniors who might not remember- Tell them to send you what they have by US Postal Service, this is the instructions I was told by the Alabama State Attorneys Office- When I told them this the man screamed at me and hung up- However they still call but have yet to send anything to me via mail- Again beware of this scammer Calls daily and hangs up without leaving message- Trout Unlimited is a legit not-for-profit group so why do they mask their identity on caller ID? id=6488822 #site Launching your project to the world? Is this because the field is occupied systematically by idiot savant?

Try these sites to get the word out.#site tree mit project map#site ide in the browserdaniel’s comment that he doesn’t have to build something to appreciate it, but rather that he prefers to gain a theoretical understand and then move onto the next thing is incredibly inspiringkaiser family foundation subsidy calculatorh#site #person Daniel meet with qc oxford person#person Joseph Jacksonhttps:// Garrett Lisi https:// People who don’t look at the big picture or why they’re building something, and are obsessed with simply the how?

If you didn't let them onto your computer you have nothing to worry about- Your friend will tell you it's a scam because there is no way they can see what is on your computer- The error messages are NORMAL - and most computers have many listed - nothing to worry about- These clowns are probably in India and want access to your information - bank accounts, credit cards- etc Called asking for maintenance- Then asked questions that had nothing to do with maintenance slightly connected to my explanation of our business- Basically would not end call, tied up our line with nonsense- Fortunately, my phone quit working after putting him on hold Recorded call said they were from ACCOUNT SERVICES & that I was eligible for lower interest rates -as low as -% press to continue or to discontinue the call- googled the number & its a nursery in FL WTF?

This is the number for a scam artist in W- Africa who is using fake rental ads to try and rip people off- My wife and I applied to rent a property in Silver Spring, MD and got the following email which, after doing some google searching is a form email that scam artists use to try and get unsuspecting people to send them money: Hello, Thanks for your interest in the house- I must confess that I am very new in this landlord business- However, I own the house- Due to my volunteering work with SURFAID INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION- I have been transferred to Africa- You can check our missionary website :(www-surfaidinternational-org)- I spent less time in the States- But this time around I will be spending the next - years in West Africa, so I couldn't get a good terms on any Realtor to handle this rent issue- However, the initial plan was to put the house on the market has For sale, which I did through MLS (MULTI LEASING SERVICES), but the asking price from interested buyer's are too poor, so i have changed to plan 'B' that is renting out the property this time around, I am telling you this in case if you find the house on another website, that is the old ads because of this reason and more we need a responsible person that can take very good care of it as his her own- Our home is available now for rent at with a security deposit of including the Utilities like electricity and Internet connection only-I want to let you know that money is not our problem but what we are looking for is absolute care of the home, when you move into the home, We are looking out for someone that can always keep the home clean and tidy- So please I want you to stand by on the lease agreement you will sign with us- We are kind and honest Family, we don't like disappointing people and we don't want anyone to disappoint us, We spent a lot on our house, we are not after the money, but want it to be clean and for you to take it as if it were yours- Note Pet is allowed- However you can only drive by and view the house because the keys are with me over here These people have called numerous times- When we answer it is a recording with a phone # and Reference #- Calling back does no good, nobody knows who these people are when they answer- Will file a complaint with NJ atty gen-s office to see about putting a stop to this It's not telemarketer- It's from collectcent looking for a delinquent accountee-By law, they cannot contact the delinquent accountee's neighbors, friends and relatives-This is another method of getting a hold of the person they are chasing after-They only call a small number of people in one or two days then off for awhile- Does not make any economic sense if they are truly telemarketer- Also they are rude, if they are really telemarketer, even if you (the potential customer) not buy anything from them this time, you might buy something else from them next time, so why be rude to your potential customer- Does not make any logical sense to me I sell Mary Kay cosmetics- Many women in my unit have received texts asking to contact a "kathy jones from NJ" to order products- There is also a sob story about her previous rep having cancer- And the grammar is horriblei recieved a call about a job offer so i checked this number which came from a cell hone- i n new jersey- i placed an add on craiges list for a job and his story didnt jive at all- im not saying its a scam but it has the eramqarks of one- as As they say buyer beware I got another call from this number and no one is there when I answer- Today, I got a little frightened because my son is currently overseas in the Air Force in a very dangerous area and my mind went spinning, so I decided to try to look up the number- I found this site and want to say thanks to all of you who have reported this number, I feel better for the moment- Not as good as when my son is home Best Received call from , -said his name was Jordan Smith private courier (I called the number -said "LR Associates" - if I did not call and talk to them, he was delivering papers to my place of work, and or home address- - scum bags Ask if our electric bill has gone up?

or something, I just said F off and hung up-no time for this I am getting a call form this number repeatedly through out the day- when I answer I am hung up on- When I call back they give the option of speaking to a customer rep or taking the number off a call list but then it hangs up- I want these calls to cease immediatley it is crazy and bordering on harrassment they call sometimes upwards of ten times a day PLEASE BLOCK MY PHONE NUMBER - ASAP FROM ALL OF YOUR ADULT SERVICE CHATLINES- YOUR SERVICE IS DEGRADING AND I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NUMBER IS SHUT DOWN AND OUT OF BUISNESS- IF YOU DO NOT I WILL GET THE PROPER AUTHORITES INVOLVED, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FEDS, AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL- PLEASE HONOR MY REQUESTYes I did- it said "do you need some money this week?

www-moneylendsite-com has a hassle-free minute loan form for up to , without a credit check- "Stop" to unsubscribe- I myself would like to know how they got number?

The constant calls hang-ups really leave a bad impression Thank you for the info- I will report the calls I have been receiving- I get quite a few and it is very, very annoying and upsetting because they are using up some of my minutes and I have to pay for going over my plan- I get so tired of having to run to my phone every - minutes only to see the same number calling- When I answer or call back I get a customer service recording and the first option is to press for customer service rep," the nd option is to press to be placed on their do not call list and asks for your dgit number- I didn't do it of course- I was hoping to get someone on the phone because I was going to give them a piece of my mind First, never reply or send STOP to these scam texts, all that does is confirm a valid number to the scammer- They are not sent from a cell phone, but from a computer with text message spamming software, via the web-Have your cell phone provider block "web based" text messages and block the offending number- Demand a credit if by receiving the text you use your text messaging allotment I just received a call from TECH STAR, showing the number , When I picked it up, it was an immediate hang-up because I suspect it was a computer dialed number and I have that device on my phone line that sends out a computerized tone whenever the phone is picked up- I have never dealt with this company and I AM on the Do Not Call list- If I am not mistaken, this practice is illegal- I will also be following up with the Do Not Call Registry to complain as well Just got a call from this number- When you have your resume out on the job boards (Monster, Career Builder, etc-), it's out there for the legit and the not-so-legit recruiters- I do my best to only deal with recruiters in my local area that I can actually go and visit at their physical office location- I would not recommend dealing with out-of-town recruiters; especially ones who call and have Indian sounding voices- I've been working with one of my local recruiters for the last two weeks and he was able to land me a full-time permanent job that starts tomorrow- Praise God Same thing with me, these people call - times a day leaving no message- I also called the number back and confirmed that it belonged to a woman named Monica that had children playing in the background- Scammers are so annoying Actually is Vonage- I called them back after they repeatedly called my work phone- The representative was very nice and submitted a marketing form to remove my number- Since I never got to the phone in time to see what the actual caller wanted and they never left a message, the representative said it might have been sales but there's no way to know so I am leaving it as Unknown- He warned that it could take a couple of weeks for calls to stop but at least he did do something about it and was very nice These people are attempting to sell you drugs- They are listed as a pharmacy but want you to send cash through Western Union to India- That is considered fraud in this country unless you know the person, and a sure sign you will recieve nothingcalled my cell phone looking for the same name as I, different middle name- Couldn't believe I wasn't this year old woman that lives in a totally different city, I asked how they got my cell #, said it "came up"I received a call that a state process server was looking for my daughter-in-law- they gave her maiden name- I didn't give him any phone no's and immediately called my daughter -in-law- She checked and found out this info Another Junk faxes from Tycos Business Group with their not "working" Removal Number: , Tycos Business Group Tycos Drive #Toronto, ON MB WOffice: ,tycos-ca IP , (hosted on The Planet-com network)They block broadcasting phone number with "Private Caller"New junk faxes this time for Customer's Choice - Windows & Doors service (most likely previous name "Canadian Windows" , ,)Main office: , Yonge St-, Unit # Richmond Hill, Ontario LE KAlso this time in the same Fax Spam additional numbers associated with this company are: Toronto , Newmarket , Oshawa , Mississauga , Hamilton , Niagara Falls Happened to me today, got a hidden call fro a christy who's voice sounded American, then gave me the number ()-, along with a confirmation number aj, since I'm not a citizen, I can be only eligible if I'm a student which was right so I felt blessed (in fact I was stupid, they're professionals' scamers they say you should use the money only for education, medication, paying bills, or renovating the house- As soon as she said you need a one time processing fee I was stunned and knew what it was about, but felt very upset- I said I need to think about it and hung up- When I read all the comments here, I called back and told the guy who answered , you should be a shamed to use peoples'informations to fool them, he said if you don't believe me I can come over, I said ok let's do that, then he said you have to pay my flight ticket then, it's ridiculus when you think about it- Although most of people believe in the American dream, and fell for theses kind of scams- BEWAREThis is Windstream, taking over Iowa Telecom- They called me to ask if I could answer some quuestions- I asked "do I have to?