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We ve been dating for a month

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Some Decent Cologne: I can't begin to tell you which kind exactly, because everyone's different and everyone likes different smells.

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After our first walk on the beach at sunset, it’s gonna go down.The Philips Norelco One Blade Electric Shaver: If, unlike me, your boyfriend can grow a beard, you probably hate it. But stubble is still sexy, and the reviews indicate that this thing is perfect for maintaining varying degrees of shadow.As a plus, you can probably use it to trim your vaj, too.But at the same time, I’m not sure we’re ready to take a trip together — especially with a bunch of married couples.I’m not following a 90-day rule per say, but I’m definitely trying to keep my cookies in the jar as long as possible.Use this handy guide for some ideas, with the knowledge that, as always, if you disagree with me, you are wrong. Instead, take advantage of your intense budding romance and run away together. You could do a lot worse than drinking beers on the beach until one of you decides to kill the other for the insurance money.

A one-way ticket to Mexico: Everyone who jokes about moving emigrating now that Trump's president always mentions Canada as a destination, despite Mexico being cheaper and warmer. Birch Box Men: You really don't want to spend too much money here, seeing as how you've only been official for a month.

Trunk Club: There's no nicer way to tell someone they dress like a fucking slob than to provide them with a viable alternative.

Trunk Club uses personal stylists to send your man curated clothing and accessories each month, which he can accept or reject.

But it's only $20 for the first month (you can just cancel it for him as soon as you order it if you don't want to pay for more), and it'll help him be less disgusting so maybe you'll keep him around longer.

Tile Mate: If there's one thing I know to be true of my gender, it's that we lose shit CONSTANTLY—not least of all because it's so much easier to whine "honeyyyyy, have you seen my keys?

But recently he made a proposal that kind of freaked me out regarding our romantic timeline.