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If you are a school, college, university or organisation and would like to book a Gap 360 presentation, or have us take part in your gap fair, then we are happy to come and visit you and fill you in about gap travel! Our blog is packed full with press releases, articles, news and reviews.We are happy to be contacted on all matters regarding gap year travel, provide insightful articles, or attend workshops and debates. We are always on the lookout for bright young things to join our exciting team of travel experts.

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Focusing your gap year on trying loads of different water sports is a great way to take advantage of the brilliant weather that will be at your disposal, and the first-rate facilities you’ll find there.Check out our latest job openings, send us your CV or apply for a position at Gap 360.For the active sportsman a fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled gap year sounds like a good match.They all offer quality facilities and entertainment that you would expect from a Rockley Adventure site.8 Day Multi Activity *Groups can choose from a menu of options for their day out and any off-site evening entertainments they would like to take part in.A Rockley Adventure France Trips benefits from sunny weather (mostly!

), beautiful surroundings and plenty of fresh air, to which we add our fantastic multi activity or specialist sailing activity programmes.

Choose from 200 gap travel programmes in over 50 destinations and let our expert travel advisors help you plan your dream trip down to the very last detail. We offer free travel advice sessions for wannabe travellers.

Come and visit us in our office for a one-to-one chat with a travel advisor or arrange a phone or Skype chat and get fantastic free advice on tap!

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