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Vs 2016 designer cs not updating

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I've just installed VS2017 (update 15.3.2) and the file nesting is still not working. Currently we are planning to update nesting in the bigger update that might happen in the end of the fall.

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In your case if you remove extensions you specified you would have different file names: Users Api (.feature) and Users Api.feature (.cs), that's why it does not work.Hi, I am facing a problem where the Windows Form designer does not save changes and resets the form back to the previous state.This only occurs after the first debugging session. "Remove end of file trailing new line" Once I disabled this setting, I was no longer able to reproduce the issue.Deploying on the Visual Studio Android Emulator with Xamarin is sometimes an ordeal, with many things that can go wrong. Hence if you go to the file, then delete everything inside the file, then rebuild your app, it should regenerate correctly.Hence, here is my playbook on what to do when things go wrong when deploying for Android. When you upgrade your Xamarin Forms version or add in other 3rd Party Components, normally the Resources. If errors still persist inside this file then here are some other possible causes And delete everything in this folder.Re-reading some of the original comments to see if I'm forgetting anything you mentioned a debugging session on the original report, but it's not in the steps to reproduce.

Is that something you found wasn't required to exhibit the issue?

In Visual Studio you can go to Tools Android Settings. If you build successfully yet it doesn’t deploy either due to an actual outputted failure or it just seems to freeze and not deploy here are some things to try: Try restarting the ADB server.

Error Code: [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE] Sometimes your app might fail to deploy if an app of a different version and same package name are on there, even if you manually uninstall the app.

I don't ,like js hidden under the cshtml files, and I wanted to stop that behavior. Please consider putting in a toggle for enabling/disabling nesting. I wanted to know if it's safe to remove everything, iow if everything in there is for controlling nesting only.

But that doesn't matter because I just realised that VS isn't nesting my stuff after 15.3.1, at all.

Please treat that json file as temporary workaround, don't build extensions around that until more permanent changes will be shipped in coming updates. I'm used to working in VS Code on browser based client applications and the rules for nesting (hiding) in that IDE are pretty customizable. @ciel I am a little confused with what you referring as netcoreapp and neststandard... It's very jarring to open that folder now that it expands double the size and we lose all that screen real estate. TT file to generate a bunch of classes, and not only are the classes not nested, but a) the tool file is not on my machine, b) the File Nesting addin won't work, and c) there appears to be no documentation for how to specify nesting in the new .csproj file format, so I can't do it myself.