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Volatile situation dating

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• If you feel the urge to do something about this situation immediately, the best thing you can do instantly is to approach her with wide arms and whip out the hair stroking weapon.Then you can try to resolve the problem using the techniques described above.

Do you feel like you’re persistently criticized because you’re not able to meet her desires and, feel powerless and overwhelmed because she puts you in no-win situations?Or you can possibly have a time limit, allows your partner to retreat from an outburst and then resume the argument with dignity.There are more tips to deal with your emotional wife/girlfriend when she is upset, has mood swings, makes drama and acts irrationally.Following these steps you can deal with such sort of situation.• When your wife/girlfriend is upset or is crying or arguing with you perhaps you might have not attended her, let her down, had crush her soul or disappointed her then put on your most empathetic face whilst stroking her hair, and ask with as much concern in your voice as you possibly rustle up, “Oh my dear, why you are so upset?There can be three situations for her emotional, ridiculous, bizarre and illogical behavior.

• Whenever your wife/girlfriend is displease, offended and losing control over her nerves then all she want from you is unconditional acceptance, love, respect, security and protection. So, sit near to her, make her feel that you’re present there just to accompany her, to calm her and to serene her soul so that she can communicate honestly, be herself, and feel emotionally safe.

These are character strengths that a woman not only have a high regard for, but feels safe with.

When your wife/girl friend had mood swings or don’t want to talk to you and you know that you are not the reason for that, there’s really only one way to deal with this one, simply let her know that you are ready to listen when she’s ready to talk.

A man of character and emotional depth is a man who knows who he is and likes himself.

His strength is not physical so much as it is in the clarity of his mind and emotions.

For thousands of years there have always been issues when it comes to understanding the opposite sex.