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Validating requirements

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You would most likely use different techniques to validate rich text documents vs. The really good thing about Composer, though, is that with a central repository, a project dashboard, and collaborative platform, both general and very granular feedback can be provided by stakeholders – including external customers if they have been given access.6) Hold facilitated use case workshops – Use case workshops can be incredibly effective if you have the right participants and people are fully engaged.

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Ultimately, I think it’s important to use as many of these practices as possible.There are a host of techniques out there to help make this stage easier to manage.Here are some of the most popular ones: Review and Inspection – Review and inspection is the most rigorous process. Some will be resolved on the spot others will need to be referred to specialists for clarification.Having your customers develop acceptance criteria is one of the most important methods of validating requirements.If they are not happy with the product, your time and money is wasted.Just watch a requirements validation meeting when customers are present. Often the organization doesn’t want to include customers for fear they will divulge confidential information. IBM Rational has both extensive beta programs and design partner programs.

The feedback we’ve gotten through these programs greatly enhances the solutions we produce.

Just as a use case workshop, these test cases are very good at identifying ambiguities and uncovering missing requirements as they find mismatches between requirements and test cases.

8) Collect customer acceptance criteria – Acceptance testing should focus on the most important usage scenarios for customers and include non-functional requirements too, such as performance.

Prototyping is generally used to test validity and completeness of the requirements.

A prototype brings the SRS to life by providing the users with a visual model.

I was at the Agile Conference 2009 recently and heard an interesting talk about validating requirements.