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Updating streets and trips 2016

updating streets and trips 2016-89

The retail behemoth’s presence means the town is flush with cash, and a lot of it has gone toward creating a premier mountain-biking destination.

K.-based company that was acquired by Microsoft in 1994.On the clearest days, 7,402-foot Blue Mountain Peak offers views of Cuba, 130 miles to the north.Arrange an overnight or long-haul backpacking trip with Kingston-based Sun Venture Tours (from $230).Then hook up with British outfitter Exodus to summit Iran’s highest peak, the 18,464-foot, still-active volcano Mount Damavand (from $3,675).Located just 45 miles northeast of the capital, Damavand is a nontechnical but demanding five-day ascent, with views of the Caspian Sea to the north and barren desert to the south.But don’t think for a second that this trend is limited to far-flung and expensive trips: small towns like Bentonville, Arkansas, are investing in world-class mountain bike trails—maintained by professional crews!

—and innovative, hard, and fun-as-hell races like Quincy, California’s Grinduro are popping up just about everywhere.

Take Ladder Ranch, a remote five-bedroom home that opened to guests in September and sits on 160,000 acres of Turner’s private land on the edge of the Gila Mountains and the Chiricahua Desert.

Guests spend days mountain-biking, spotting bighorn sheep and elk, and visiting ancient petroglyphs. —Kate Siber After a long search for the perfect surf spot, Claude and Petra Graves knew they were finished when they saw the reef break 100 yards off Nihiwatu Beach.

There's never been a better time to get out there—and this is the definitive guide to a year well traveled. But there’s another reason to head here: Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park just earned World Heritage Status in 2015.

This 65,000-acre tropical rainforest’s two mountain ranges are a Caribbean biodiversity hot spot, with 1,357 species of flowering plants plus endangered birds like the yellow-billed parrot.

The couple built the Nihiwatu eco-resort by the wave—it’s an hour’s flight east of Bali and comes complete with spear-fishing guides and an equestrian center.