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Updating software on the razr v3

When choosing a number to send messages to, the V3i treats each contact number as a different option (this is what the normal phonebook default is, for reasons I can't understand).

I went to great expense and difficulty to obtain an early Motorola RAZR V3i before it was available in the USA.Disregarding the weird battery cover closure (see the manual :), the only serious complaint I have about the hardware is that it doesn't have a headphone jack. Instead, pressing 4 in a menu will only give me the satisfaction of having pressed 4. And I should be able to access the home menu grid by using the number grid.Seriously, this thing is supposed to be an i Tunes device, but the only way I can plug it in to headphones or a stereo is if I order the Motorola OEM USB adapter (which is $20 and very noisy when the phone isn't plugged in) and carry this around with me? Shortcuts can alleviate this, but then I've used up all my shortcuts. Evidently, if I pay Apple enough money, I could add a memory stick reader to a bucket of lard and slap the "i Tunes" label on it.But that's the only hardware issue - the rest is all software, and should be patchable! Allegedly it might work over Bluetooth, but I haven't seen it. Everytime you start x Tunes it runs through "Updating Music Database." I have about 100 songs on my V3i, and it takes about a minute. Instead, everytime I start up I have to turn on the shuffle option (default is OFF for some reason?! Because it's Java based, it sucks battery life (and requires that no other Java apps are running). Especially considering how rudimentary x Tunes is, and considering that mp3s can be played directly on the phone without x Tunes, why Java?I'm told that some x Tunes phones are limited to 50 songs and some are limited to 100.It's clear that the V3i software is just the V3 software with some crappy MP3 player slapped on (paying off Apple for the "i Tunes" label).

And furthermore, the V3 software is just some update of some generic Motorola phone software, probably originally developed when cell phones weighed 30 pounds and ran on kerosene.

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I'll gladly take an extra 2 or 3 mm or length to fit a plug on there. The mp3 player on the RAZR V3i looks nothing like i Tunes and is, frankly, awful. can handle timestamps, seeing as how this causes a Java bug (mentioned in "Java" section below).

And btw, don't bother with the cheap USB-headphone adapters on ebay, they don't work (at least on my V3i). After some hand tweaking of your i Sync XML settings and some magical incantations, you can get it to work in i Sync over USB. Hence, for the rest of this article I will hereby refer to the player as "x Tunes" instead of "i Tunes," since "x Tunes" sounds mysterious, and the interface to "x Tunes" is exactly that. Update: I've put 400 songs on my card now, and x Tunes won't even start anymore because it never finishes updating the music directory. It should save all the options as well as the current song, play state, song location, etc..

Apart from this random lottery, why is there any limit (apart from memory space) to how many songs you can store?