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Updating navman sat nav

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I've had a Navman s80 for a while, but only just decided the maps & safety cameras need updating. Plus about the same for the safety camera updates.... I bought a Navman, registered it, when time for supposedly free update, their system didn't recognise me.

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We also have the following maps, complete with unlock codes/map product keys: ‣Navman N20, N40i, N60i: Australia only (2007 data - 8 in stock). ‣Navman i CN 700, 720, 750: Western Europe (2007 data - 36 in stock), North America - USA/Canada - (2007 data - 22 in stock), Australia (2007 data - 11 in stock). The above products are sold as sealed CD/DVD cases containing disc unlock key/code.We stock a selection of genuine, hard to find, discontinued Navman maps and mapping updates on DVD, CD and SD card.We also have Navman Map Product Keys, also known as Map Unlock Codes.*This offer is available from 1st June 2009 and includes one free update of the map that was originally on your device (same coverage and features) and is applicable only if a new version of such map has been released before or within 30 days of activation or purchase of your device.Terms and conditions Your Mio comes pre-installed with the map of the country or region of where you bought it.This is good for a majority of time, but what if you want to drive further afield?

You still want the convenience of your trusty PND, so you’ll need to add a new map of the location you’re travelling to.

At the time we bought maps for the whole globe for about $40 and the software was a whole lot better than the stand alone GPS. I have a Sony Xperia z3 compact, which was good for navigating for the first six months of use. I decided to change to a Garmin a couple of years ago.

It also doesn't use internet download so it doesn't cost anything to use and won't need mobile connection because it uses the satelites. Since then, it seems to have contracted Alzheimers as the GPS doesn't work and it can no longer show me how to achieve destinations. Now I am utterly disappointed in the Garmin after a recent French holiday.

Kind Regards, Navman Support I have an S50, and don't see any map upgrade available. I will not buy a new satnav unless it comes with lifetime maps, and unlikely to be a Navman.

I've had a Tom Tom and a Navman and was very disappointed with the quality and service from both companies. A better solution for us was to buy a dedicated GPS app for smart phones at a fraction of the cost of a GPS, with automatic updates as well. From the comments I've just read, think I'll give Navman a big swerve.

‣Navman F10, Navman S30, S50, S70, S90i: Western Europe, North America (USA/Canada), Australia.