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Miva’s pricing plans are designed to estimate the amount of bandwidth and storage you’ll need, so hopefully, you won’t face too many overage charges.But, if you regularly use more than your plan allows, you can always purchase additional bandwidth and storage space in your account.

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In the past, there was a day-long waiting period before you could log into your new store. I received my “you-may-log-in” email minutes after signing up.Alternatively, you can sign up for a developer account.This account will let you try out a demo store, without the need to enter any payment information Miva’s pricing structure is based on revenue from your previous twelve months of sales (or estimated revenue if you’ve been selling for less than a year).You can create discounts and coupons by first creating “Price Groups.” As you can see below, you can set price groups to apply to a specific product, an entire basket, or shipping costs.You can also create more complex Buy X Get Y discounts and volume pricing discounts.There’s additional technical support available to get you all set up.

Documentation is easily accessible from the main dashboard page.

You can determine which plan you qualify for by checking with the “Annual Merchant Revenue” scale in the graphic below.

This pricing structure was announced in October of 2015, and many merchants were unhappy at the switch. Starter for Merchants with Annual Revenue $0 — $99,999.99When you sign up for your plan, you’ll receive a free SSL certificate and domain name, but you should expect to pay for both the domain name and the SSL certificate after the first year.

While there is no conventional free trial available, as I mentioned above, Miva does offer free developer accounts you can use to play around with the platform.

You will also be fully refunded for your first month’s purchase if you decide to cancel Miva Merchant within 30 days.

In the meantime, you can get started learning about the admin with Miva’s (very helpful) video tour.