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Updating garmin 95xl

I saw one post yesterday (GPS 65) that suggested the user was powering on the unit THEN pressing "0." If I am correct, somehow it was not clear that he needed to firmly hold the "0" key before powering on... It takes 12.5 minutes for all of the almanac to be broadcast by the satellites.It can take Multi Trac 15-30 minutes just to find a satellite in Auto Locate. I am 100% confident that we can get all Multi Trac receivers going again by this method. The GPS receiver retains the oscillator information so that it can acquire when it is turned on.

1) People may not be getting the unit into autolocate correctly.Thus you can directly send and receive data from the following devices: "GPS III", "GPS 55 AVD", "GPS 90", "GPS 95XL", "GPS 100 AVD", "GPS 150", "GPS 190", "GPSMAP 195", "GPSMAP 196", "GPSMAP 295", "GPSMAP 296" and Magellan 315/320.Without any additional software you can: Recording the Route Flown in your Computer Via the NMEA 0183 interface (4800 bps), "Pre Flight" records your track, while your current position is indicated on a map, where a black line marks your planned course.Mac GPS Pro navigation software connects your Mac to most USGlobal Sat Global Positioning System receivers without displays.The real-time NMEA data from the USGlobal Sat receiver is displayed on a moving map on your Mac screen, along with Mac GPS Pro generated waypoints, routes and track logs.Truthfully this situation is no worse than a user throwing his GPS in a drawer for 6-9 months and then trying to use it again.

Similar things can happen if the alkaline batteries are removed for many months. 12 channel units are much more suited for the challenge.

Note the method may have to be repeated if satellites are "dropped" for whatever reason. If this information is cleared it could take much longer to acquire in the first place.

Now I know that some users are reporting success with this method but its like diving into murky water with your arms at your side (my kids report to me that this is called a "dead Taylor").

Garmin Engineering Department MORE information from Garmin is below: Joe, In all of my conversations, I am recommending that the customer with a GPS 55 perform the master clear sequence.

We never recommend master clearing a GPS 38, 40, 45, 45XL, 89, 90, or 120.

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