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Updating drupal version

- Installation request for phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock (locked at 3.2.2) -Done - quick - commit that lock file while you're winning!

updating drupal version-45updating drupal version-26updating drupal version-7updating drupal version-51

We use Composer to manage our dependencies, modules etc, and on this particular occasion, things weren't straightforward. You can update Drupal from the command line using Drush.This method is quick and easy, and it also enables automation possibilities—for example, you could run Drush in a daily cron job to ensure that your Drupal site is always up to date.This project contains tagged releases that strongly constrain the versions of all of Drupal's dependencies to match what is being tested in Drupal core.If you require this project in your Composer-managed Drupal site, then you will be able to use `composer update` to update your non-Drupal-core-releated dependencies without bringing in more updates than intended.For information about how to do this, please see this article.

For detailed instructions about how to do a manual update, please see the official Drupal documentation at https://

For additional background on phpdocumentor version constraints and Drush, see We had an issue where a Guzzle security update was needed, but we didn't want to wait for a core release in order to fix it.

If core sets its version ranges correctly, updating patch versions should not be a problem.

For information about how to update Drupal using Drush, please see this article.

If you used Softaculous to install Drupal, you can also use it to update Drupal.

The course describes how to manage users, download and install modules and themes, archive and restore your entire site, and employ site variables for fast, full control over your Drupal sites.