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Updating an old house

I painted our boring peachy colored walls throughout the entire house.

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And since we enjoy the struggle of solutions, it’s why we love it so much. This is where you decide to do things you never were planning to do, but since things are destroyed anyway, you might as well add twelve things to the lists because it’ll be easier to do it now, then it will be to do it later. At this stage, you can finally begin to see that the room is going to be finished.And some of that excitement from step one comes back into your heart.This is where the you can start putting the room back together. This step is where you get to make the room a place to live in.Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on new bathroom fixtures, I just used this silver spray paint and this metallic paint pen (affiliate links) to completely update our outdated two-toned fixtures. I used a quart of this chalkboard paint (affiliate link) to completely update the insides of my kitchen cabinets.They were really disgusting before, and it's made a bigger impact on our little kitchen than anything else we've done.Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to restore a house with someone else doing all the work, and having it all done BEFORE we moved it. It just happened that way.) This is the first step – going into the room, sitting in it for a bit, and knowing EXACTLY what it’s going to look like when it’s done. I do this myself, but other people hire out by hiring a designer or an architect. This is when I get REALLY excited because all I can see at this point is the finished product. This can be a really fun puzzle, or it can completely derail or deflate you. Many times the solutions to the problems make the room SO much better in the end.

For example, we discovered signature and handwriting on the walls from previous owners, and I was derailed, because there was NO WAY I was going to paint over that. You never, EVER feel like you’re going to get out of this stage.

It totally upgraded the fireplace and ended up being a super easy project!

My husband Doug and I are beginning year three of bringing our 1902 Queen Anne Victorian back to life. Restoring a house can definitely make you feel like your life is spiraling out of control.

Nothing will make as big of an impact as painting your trim. I couldn't afford to knock it out and just get rid of it (which we eventually did during the renovation), so in the meantime this was the perfect solution.

All you need is paint and a decent amount of patience. I found a special type of paint made just for sinks, tubs, and tile, and it totally lived up to the hype...super durable.

Restoring an old house is a process, which I understand is why a lot of people don’t do it themselves. It’s probably in a different order if you’re doing the WHOLE house at once, and not room-by-room like we are. Up until now, most of the steps are easy to budget and timeline.