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Updating a popcorn ceiling

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However, if the popcorn texture of an older home is flaking or coming loose, you may need to have it tested for the presence of asbestos.It isn't safe to work around loose asbestos, and it requires licensed professionals to remove the substance.

Before working with any popcorn ceiling, it's important to know the age of the texture.This method covers the popcorn completely and allows you to create a new texture design on your ceiling.Before painting or texturing your ceiling, clean the ceiling of any loose or unstable popcorn texture so that the new coating will adhere properly.How could I justify spending hundreds (many hundreds) of dollars on a ceiling? We picked up six sheets of hardboard like this at our local Home Depot and had them cut each one into 8″ strips (the last one on each sheet was just 7″ wide, which actually came in quite handy for our space).Especially one in our farmhouse master bedroom or upstairs hallway that just doesn’t see many visitors except us. Usually they charge a few bucks extra for this, but I guess this was our lucky day as we scored all those cuts for free (another win for the budget)! After using a level to ensure this first plank was nice and straight, we used an air stapler to attach the plank to our ceiling. nails don’t work (see aforementioned falling ceiling planks).You can also spray a heavier texture on the ceiling to cover and disguise the existing popcorn.

As an alternative to spraying, you can trowel with ceiling with a heavy coat of drywall mud.

It really adds so much charm and character to our hallway space… *UPDATE: See which one we went with and how it all came together in the end with our farmhouse style hallway reveal here!

There are several reasons to cover your popcorn ceilings.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, asbestos was once a component of popcorn ceilings.

Asbestos, a mineral fiber, can cause serious health problems if inhaled.

I was so head over heels in love, I couldn’t help but share some sneak peeks on Instagram: Here’s the thing…