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Updating a jailbreak iphone

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You may get a pop-up saying that you have apps on your i Phone that aren’t in your i Tunes library and whether or not you want to back these apps up. The backup process should take around 10 minutes or so, depending on how much stuff you need to back up on your i Phone, but after it’s complete, you’ll be able to update to i OS 9.Luckily, the process to update to i OS 9 from a jailbroken i Phone isn’t any different than how you would update otherwise.

You can do this by clicking Restore i Phone instead of Update.In any case, if you’ve officially decided that you’re updating to i OS 9 and are willing to lose your i OS 8 jailbreak, here’s how to update to i OS 9 from the i OS 8 jailbreak the right way.Before you start the whole process of updating to i OS 9, it’s important that you back up your i Phone first and foremost so that if anything goes wrong, you won’t lose all of your apps and settings.While some jailbreakers are content with staying on i OS 8 and waiting for an i OS 9 jailbreak to release, other jailbreak users are really excited about i OS 9 and don’t mind updating to the new version and lose their jailbreak. Keep in mind that updating to i OS 9 will delete your jailbreak and you won’t be able to jailbreak your i Phone again until an i OS 9 jailbreak is released, and who knows when that will be.However, not updating to i OS 9 means that you can’t take advantage of all the new features that your friends will brag about on their i Phones.At least not until a jailbreak is available for it, which isn't guaranteed.

If you want i OS 8 regardless, just follow the normal onscreen instructions to upgrade.

Well, when it comes to updating to a major version of i OS, it’s always recommended to factory wipe your i Phone to prevent any updating woes.

A lot of users tend to update to a major version of i OS without wiping their devices first, and this usually invites various problem, like updating freezes, boot loops, etc.

You can indeed upgrade a jailbroken i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch (as long as they are compatible) to i OS 8.

However, you will lose your jailbreak and all jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Or will I retain them and just lose the jail break ?