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Unmoderated cam

Unmoderated cam-86

Repacking them would just create larger files and increase decompression time.

Unmoderated cam-41Unmoderated cam-51Unmoderated cam-68

Newer video standards moved away from the size constraints and replaced them with a quality based alternative such as the use of CRF.New codecs are usually tested annually to check if any offer any conclusive enhancement in quality or compression time.In general, quality is not sacrificed for speed, and the standards will usually opt for the highest quality possible, even if this takes much longer.Outside the warez scene, often referred to as p2p, there are no global rules similar to the scene, although some groups and individuals could have their own internal guidelines they follow.In warez distribution, all releases must follow these predefined standards to become accepted material.For example, scripts can read ID3 information from MP3s and sort releases based on those contents.

Rules for naming files and folders are an important part of the standards.

Next, the standard usually talks about how to package the material.

Allowed package formats today are limited to RAR and ZIP, of which the latter is used only in 0-day releases.

Correctly named folders make it easier to maintain clean archives and unique filenames allow dupecheck to work properly.

There's a defined character set which can be used in naming of the folders.

These releases have content that is not further compressible without loss of quality, but also have small enough files that they can be transferred reliably without breaking them up.