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Ubuntu not updating

ubuntu not updating-82

Whenever you check “Date and month”, “Year” should become sensitive and return to its previous value.Double-clicking a calendar, or pressing Enter while it is selected, should begin editing its URL (even if the space was normally taken up by its display name).

I'm having a really weird issue where files uploaded to the server through FTP are clearly on the server, but the updates aren't reflected when served on my website.It was bad enough that I could get the index page of a directory showing image files in the directory, but when I clicked the image file link I would get a not found error. I have updated my CSS through the FTP and that won't work now either, the images started showing after a while but the CSS is not being served through the cache, it is fetching it from the server and it still appears as the old version. There is something called ftps which is almost as silly as ftp - that makes kittens cry.My local computer was having networking issues, could this be interfering somehow? "checking the network tab" tells you what's happening at your browser - not at your server. Ssh into your server and use either 'curl -i $YOURURL' or 'wget --server-response $YOURURL' to find out what is coming out of your webserver.The order of locations in the menu should always match the order of locations in the window.Dragging a location (or pressing Ctrl Up or Ctrl Down while it is selected) should rearrange it in the window, with appropriate drag and drop feedback.The remainder of the controls in the tab should be sensitive only if “Show a clock in the menu bar” is checked.

“Year” should be both insensitive and unchecked whenever “Date and month” is unchecked (bug 465689).

The time zone map and associated controls should be exactly the same as used in the Ubuntu installer, except that “UTC” should be offered as the first suggestion whenever you type a substring of it.

If focus leaves the field without you choosing a location, a mini error icon should appear inside the trailing end of the field (with the accessible label “(Incomplete)”, and the tooltip “You need to choose a location to change the time zone.”).

Activating the “ ” button (which should have the accessible label “Add a Location…”, and the keyboard equivalent “ ” whenever a location is not being edited) should scroll to, and begin editing the “Location” cell of, the incomplete location if there is one, otherwise a new row at the end of the table.

When adding or editing a location, the cell should have an auto-complete menu exactly the same as in the Ubuntu installer, except that (as with the time zone field) “UTC” should be offered as the first suggestion whenever you type a substring of it.

Pressing Esc should revert or delete the row, depending on whether it was a confirmed location when editing began.