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Typical dating timeline

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I know this can vary from person to person, but I haven't dated in really seven years.

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1st girlfriend (about 6 months, starting last couple months of High School): - Hold hands around 2nd or 3rd date. - Never really talked about "exclusive", "going steady", or "boyfriend/girlfriend", but sort of accepted the labels as others applied them to us - Engaged a little over 3 months after first meeting - Kissed at the altar, and wedding-night virgins, one year plus two weeks after first meeting. ), kissing, and enjoying sex almost 40 years after first meeting. We wrote to each other, sight unseen, real letters on real paper, for over 3 months before we met in person. Great way for two quiet-and-shy people to get intimately acquainted.If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.Relationships, especially when they are the right relationships, are wonderful.I still don't understand how the heck one can have sex BEFORE "I love you" or "relationship". I'm glad my lady agreed to be exclusive with me right before we had sex.I basically demanded it because there was no way I was gonna sleep with her and not be exclusive.Never discussed things like exclusivity, labels etc.

But in your 40s we know that real love, not infatuation, takes time to grow.

When you are in your 40s, you don't wait 1year to have sex.

You know you have a strong attraction, that you really really REAAAAALY like the other person and see yourself with them long term, think about them 24/7 maybe (I know I do), but not sure if that is really "LOVE".

Meaning that we slept together after dating for 5 days. He just started referring to me as his GF and I his boyfriend, it was understood through conversations that we were looking for something long term and were exclusive after having sex and since we clicked so well, we sort of just jumped into it. I think the difference is announcing it to the world and introducing each other publicly as an item, as well as announcing to each other intention to commit to building a serious long term relationship with each other.

I had honestly never heard of this distinction until I refound these boards last fall.

Our 9mnths went as follows 3mnths in he called himself my boyfriend so thats when i knew we were bf/gf, cause we never "had the talk".