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Junichi stops her and follows her to the rooftop, where they talk about Keiko's romantic problems.Their conversation turns to their own relationship, which has not changed much.

After being dragged by Haruka into the school pool the next day, Junichi brings her to the library where he later confesses to her a second time.Junichi decides to ask Haruka out on Christmas Eve.While asking her out, both of them realize that they have met before on Christmas Eve last year and cheered each other over their respective problems.After taking Hibiki's advice on what to do with their relationship, Haruka lets Junichi spoil her including both of them engaging in some roleplay with him feeding her ramen, much to bewilderment of everyone in the cafeteria.Later that night, Haruka thinks how much fun she had with him.As the two of them go home, Junichi tells Kaoru of what he thought she was going to do at the flower garden, which leaves her flustered as she heads for her part-time job at a restaurant.

As she tries to forget about the incident, Junichi arrives at the restaurant, making her nervous every time she sees him.

She plays a joke on him and accidentally kisses him which was both their first kiss.

Wanting payback for what happened, Junichi brings Kaoru to the library to tickle her.

The second season, titled Amagami SS plus, aired on January 5, 2012 to March 29, 2012.

The anime is produced by AIC and directed and series composition by Yoshimasa Hiraike, scripted by Noboru Kimura and Touko Machida, music by Toshiyuki Omori, character design by Hiroaki Gohda and art and sound direction by Maho Takahashi and Satoki Iida respectively.

Haruka refuses Junichi's offer, but instead invites him to her family's Christmas Eve party.