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We’ve got a few fabulous suggestions – from the funny to the educational, and everything in between.

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Listen to the Disability After Dark podcast and follow Andrew on twitter @andrewgurza We’re a sucker for any podcast that runs an ‘Orgasms’ special episode, and our attention was drawn to Guilty Feminist when they invited one of our favourite sex journalists Alix Fox on to talk about exactly that.Hosted by relationship coach Amy Baldwin and our very own head of sales April Lampert, Shameless Sex explores fun and creative ways to enhance your sex life.Whether that’s new sex toys, techniques, or simply tips on communicating and taking control of your sex life, April and Amy use their own and guests’ expertise to motivate you to explore your own sexual desires.Free your mind and get ready for receiving pleasant body sensations. They guarantee to bring you a bunch of positive emotions and ultimate satisfaction.Look at top ten adult webcam sites with the cutest girls and hottest boys.Listen to The Dildorks podcast and follow them on Twitter @The Dildorks While we’re on the subject of cute and funny podcasts, First Time is a podcast run by comedian Christian Talbot, and each episode he interviews a new guest about – you guessed it! As well as being a fascinating insight into some of his famous guests, it’s also a lovely exploration of teenage angst and lust, and some of the weird crushes people had when they were younger.

Check out our favourite episode with comedian Bethany Black, or the slightly-X-rated interview with sex blogger Girl on the Net.

Listen to the First Time podcast and follow them on Twitter @firsttimepod Perhaps the best way to introduce you to Meg-John and Justin is to tell you that their best piece of sex advice is: “Forget sex advice!

” They don’t dole out tips or tell you how to blow someone’s mind in bed – instead Meg-John and Justin encourage you to ask questions and explore: what do you really like? Which of our ideas and narratives around sex are flawed? Their podcast is like having a pub chat with two fascinating people, who won’t make any assumptions about you, your sex life, or your desires – they just want to invite you to join them on their journey.

Perhaps the most perfectly-titled of all the sex podcasts, the Dildorks is exactly what it sounds like: two fantastic people getting dorky about dildos (among many other sexy things! Hosted by Bex Caputo and Kate Sloan, this podcast brims with fun and enthusiasm – and more than its fair share of wordplay.

As evidenced by this excellent episode – Cockoisseurs, in which our hosts wax lyrical about penises.

Recorded porn videos become less and less popular because they are similar. If you are looking for something fresh and exciting, this source should be in your bookmarks.