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Second, they moved the baseline of analysis from 2000 back to 1990, thus retroactively including all poverty reduction accomplished by China throughout the 1990s, due in no part whatsoever to the Millennium Campaign.This statistical sleight-of-hand narrowed the target by a further 324 million.

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By shifting the focus to income levels and switching from absolute numbers to proportional ones, the target became much easier to achieve.Oromia: Enhanced Master Plan to Continue Committing the Crimes of Genocide The actions taken were aimed at destroying Oromo farmers or at rendering them extinct. Abbaan damma nyaateef ilma hafaan hin mi’aawu jedhuu Oromoon. God has given us a good day, may He also give us a good night. Gowwaan bara soorome nyaatee, bara deege nagada jedhuu Oromoon. Harka abbaa tokkotin ibidda qabbaachuun nama hindhibu jedhu Oromoon. if only our tongues were made of glass,then we would be very careful when we speak! Rather than lie to each other, it is better to fight it out.~Ermias Legesse, Ethiopia’s exiled EPRDF Minister August 30, 2014 (Oromo Press) — The announcement of the implementation of the Addis Ababa Master Plan (AAMP) was just an extension of an attempt by EPRDF government at legalizing its plans of ridding the Oromo people from in and around Finfinne by grabbing Oromo land for its party leaders and real estate developers from the Tigrean community. Just because the father eats honey it does not mean the son’s mouth is sweet. He that has given us a good night, may he also give us a good day. A foolish person eats when he is rich and trades when he is poor. Arrabni lafee hin qabdu garuu lafee nama cabsiti jedhuu Oromoon. Fardi harree wajjin oole, akka harree Nama dhiita jedhuu Oromoon.He testifies that high-level TPLF/EPRDF officials are responsible for planning and coordinating massive land-grab campaigns without any consideration of the people atop the land. A soothsayer tells for another but does not know for themselves. A foolish person eats when he is rich and trades when he is poor.Ermia’s testimony is important because it contains both the actus reus and dolus specials of the mass evictions[2]: Once while in a meeting in 1998 (2006, Gregorian),the Ethiopian Prime Minster Meles Zenawi , we (ERPDF wings) used to go to his office every week, said. We went to his office to set the direction/goal for the year. What God has preserved for the tortoise, the eagle can never take it.‘A nationality question in Addis Ababa is the a minority agenda.’ If anyone were to be held accountable for the crimes, everyone of us have a share in it according to our ranks, but mainly Abay Tsehaye is responsible. Ana bakki na dhukubu asii mitii maraafuu bakkuma gooftaan kiyya jedhe san kooba jette bookeen. Though a chicken rises early, it spends the whole day under the grain store. Never send a woman who likes two things to the market.

The actions taken were aimed at destroying Oromo farmers or at rendering them extinct. In each county there are more or less about 1000 families. Harmatu lama malee, aannan tokkichuma jedhuu Oromoon. Biyya goophoon baay’atutti isa ol jedhee deemutu fokkisa. Yaa marqaa, sii afuufuun, sii liqimsuufi jedhuu Oromoon.

The world’s governments first pledged to end extreme poverty during the World Food Summit in Rome in 1996.

They committed to reducing the number of undernourished people by half before 2015, which, given the population at the time, meant slashing the poverty headcount by 836 million.

Many critics claimed that this goal was inadequate given that, with the right redistributive policies, extreme poverty could be ended much more quickly.

But instead of making the goals more robust, global leaders surreptitiously diluted it.

If a piece of meat drops on the ground, it can never be picked up without particles of dust.