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There aren’t as many options of different kinds of birth control as in the States, but it’s available at virtually every pharmacy.

I will voluntarily accept the few undesirable side effects and sporadic hormonal imbalances if it is one less stress while adjusting to my life in a foreign country.Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Kaytia says: Dr.Witima Sangtawan is a good gynecologist and she speaks good English. She is located at Bang Po hospital in Bang Sue, which is a bit off the beaten path.In Bangkok, or even Chaing Mai, if you look hard enough you can find things for a more Western taste, but in the villages, not so much.However, even out of the cities 7/11’s and other convenience stores have almost everything you could need.Feminine Hygienic Products Kaytia says: Pads are freely available, though brands are limited. Boots stores are popular in the larger cities, but harder to find in other areas.

There are OB brand applicator-free ones in almost every drugstore and supermarket, and some tampons with applicators in Boots pharmacy.

In the city, it’s easy to get your hands on everything – make up, lotions, deodorant, shaving cream, shower items, even pads.

However, tampons are hard to come by, and a lot of sun screen and foundation has whitening agents in it.

In both Cambodia and Thailand it is quite difficult to find hygienic products without whitening agents.

If you like the idea of maintaining your bronzed body earned from an adventurous weekend in Koh Phi Phi, then come prepared with your own supplies.

The hospital has very little English signage as well.