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Teen dating violence stoires

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There are 9 plays for audiences from Grade 1 through College with presentations for military and communities also available.

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You can also submit a story or post about any crisis, problem or situation you’re struggling with and receive a therapeutic support response within 24 hours, safely, anonymously, and free of charge.National Violence Against Women survey (National Institute of Justice/Centers for Disease Control) estimates 1.5 million women and 835,000 men battered each year.The risks men face National Violence Against Women survey (National Institute of Justice/Centers for Disease Control) shows that assaults by women are dangerous. Hoff Violence Against Women Survey Legal system response For men: 13% reported, 1.6% arrests, no convictions, no jail time, 3.5% restraining orders.Research Findings on Violence Against Men A Power Point presentation with graphics on violence against men.CDC 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey More men than women victims of intimate partner physical violence, psychological aggression.Where there's mutual violence, joint counseling offers the best solution. Why Women Batter "He wasn't sensitive to my needs." "He wasn't listening." DV as a "hate" crime Cathy Young.

Proposed Federal Hate Crimes Act would add penalties if men abuse. Abused Men The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Phil Cook, author of Abused Men Domestic Violence: A Two-Way Street Glenn Sacks Familial violence by and against both men and women is a serious problem in a violence-wracked America, but it is a problem for which both men and women share responsibility. The Detroit News series on battered men generated a flurry of mail. Prone to Violence Erin Pizzey's book on violent women, the one for which she and publisher received death threats.

Using the system to batter Battering is emotional and psychological, as well as physical. Hitting below the belt Easy to get, hellish to deal with, restraining orders have become the ultimate weapon in domestic disputes, says Cathy Young in Salon.

It's about control, like using the system to impoverish him and keep him from the kids. 835,000 men a year according to latest National Violence Against Women Survey. Deadlier Than the Male So says UK author Melanie Phillips, about violent women.

More than twice as many women visit ERs due to being injured by an animal than by a male partner. It's about power and control more than reaction to abuse--same as for men.

Controversy over DV by Women Leading researcher Dr. Straus critiques the recent National Violence Against Women Survey, offers insights into the "politics" of domestic violence and whether the controversy will ever end. "He wasn't sensitive to my needs." "I wanted my partner's attention." "He wasn't listening." College men nearly as likely to be victims of unwanted sexual coercion So says a new study at the University of Washington. Men's Reactions to Female Sexual Coercion One of the long-standing myths about sexual coercion is that a woman cannot make a man have sex with her.

Gender-polarization Only men need pledge against violence. How Many Domestic Violence Awareness Advocates Discriminate Against Women. Ignores drinking, drugs, pathology, violence by women. Taught by "wounded healers." Gender-polarizing-perpetrates the "battle of the sexes" A Gender-Neutral Duluth Model For female perpetrators - a different "Duluth Model." Insult to Injury Book: Women's aggression part of picture; Restorative justice, not blame and shame Duluth Model Successfully Challenged Programs gets North Carolina regulation mandating Duluth Model set aside It's Such Bullshit Anger Management for Men is Such Bullshit.