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Splashfighters updating configuration file

A comma-separated list of the fully qualified hostnames of the Web Logic Managed Servers (the servers that will run Web Logic, Studio, and the Dgraph Gateway).

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If you don't modify the file, or if you modify it incorrectly, the orchestration script could fail or your cluster could be configured differently than you intended.

MMmmmmk, well itz been bout 3 dayz, and ever since i tried to reinstall due to a glitch where i got the message that the Lucky draw was sold out, and ever since then i cannot redownload the dumb patches.

I get the exact error~~~~ "Downloading the latest file failed If the network is too busy now, try it again later" Now you would think, why don't you go ask those people working so hard at cyberstep, well i did, i was told to retrieve my old client, after 2 days, and i told them specifically that i UNINSTALLED.

Deleted the whole splash fighters folder enterily So if you have any words of wisdom help a brotha out. but anywas problem solved, im guessing this happens everytime they update there downloader, due to the fact that your trying to download a patch that's supposed to already be installed with the new updated downloader. ;) Reply 10# 180.*.*.139 Best solution is to reinstall a clean copy from the splashfighters homepage here.

During the updating of 'Resource checking for updates', it actually depends on the size of the content and the speed of your pc.

I guess that means nothing to them but w/e, well anyways i cant reply to them anymore because i get the message that something about this rcphost isnt on the list of accepted host from yahoo. So i google around a bit i guess this isn't a too popular problem, and btw i have fast internet and a good computer. ok well after a long time i decided my only reasonable option was to contact cyberstep again.