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Speeddating chat request

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Good for especially chatty and multiple-time zone chats, or if you need to buckle down and focus on something else.

After witnessing a good traction in users from the US, Philippines and Vietnam, Near Group now plans to focus its significant attention on building its reputation in the Indian market.While on your dates, you will be invited to give feedback and choose if you would like to see the person for a second date.Within the next 24 hours, Elite Speed Dating will send over your Matches, Dating Feedback and Request Rating in order for you to plan your next date.You can scroll through the list to find your favorite buddies, or search their name in the search box.You can also open up a DM with a friend, then click the "Add Friends to DM" button.Pinned messages will show when you click the icon and view the window.

You can un-pin them, or jump directly to where they were in chat by clicking the "jump" icon, and show them to your friends. If you want to add users to the current group DM you're in, you can use this button.

You'll need to add your friends to your friends list first.

Once you've got that part covered, open your friends list, and check out the new group DM button: Clicking the button will bring up a window of everyone on your friends list that you can add to your newly-created group DM.

Clicking this icon will mute notifications for the group DM specifically.

While Group DMs (like normal DMs) do usually give desktop notifications, muting the DM will prevent that, and you'll have to check up on any updates yourself.

You'll see the same "Select Friends" prompt as when you create a group DM as well.