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Speed dating shepparton

It didnt matter the embarrassment and its where I felt free and its where I felt, um... People have come from all over Melbourne for the non-dating speed dating. Anyway, I soon found out it had nothing to do with it. HANA ASSIFIRIIm just thinking, how do you manage these two potentially extremely different points of view in an environment where theres 50 other people and youre inviting people into your space to say, We are beyond the stereotype. MANAL SHEHABHana came up and she had a piece of paper and shes just doodling on this paper very slowly and she says, Hows everything going here? HANA ASSIFIRIAnd I said So, have you chatted about ISIS yet? MANAL SHEHABAnd she said, uh, Manal, what do you have to say about that? NARRATORYoung and vulnerable, Hana couldnt see a way out. HANA ASSIFIRIThe kids were 14 and 15 and I sat there in class and I felt like the oldest person, but it was so important for me, in a classroom with other kids... We deliberately called it speed date because it conjures up positive attitudes. But when I say, Get to know a Muslim, you go, Really? NARRATORToday, a suburb away from the Soup Bar, the Moroccan Deli is filling up. HUSNA PASHAWhen my friend actually told me it was called Speed Date a Muslim, I actually felt like saying to her, Well, I cant go because Im married. WOMAN 1You cant tell a Muslim male you wont be able to identify him. MANAL SHEHABEveryones talking loud and theres food going and coming and I really felt out of place. MANAL SHEHABHes wearing a full-on Australian hat like Molly Meldrum with the little corks!

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Its a verbal menu, so to have these things in my mind, Ive got to constantly make sure, um, food allergies, things like that. LAYALLE EL NAJIBHanas doing a wait list and Im like, Oh, God! HANA ASSIFIRIAt the moment, this is our second sitting. NARRATORThere was a time when Hana didnt speak English. HANA ASSIFIRII really wasnt sure what the place would become. I would not set up such an event in a really hostile environment. But it is the converted that will form coalitions and will drag the rest of Australia kicking and screaming to a place that is more humane. NARRATORHana takes every opportunity to spread the word about upcoming projects close to her heart. It could be a space for women to sell spices, or sew. So, if youre looking at doing a main or soup, I can run through your options. I cried I think my second night here, it was so confronting. He...whether hed been told culturally or otherwise, the way to control a woman is to very quickly set the tone for the relationship and his tone was to draw the line and the only way he knew how to do it is violently. NARRATORAt the age of 19, Hana went back to school and started a new life. I know youd love for there to be dating, but there aint no dating. If we are all so different, how do you hold us all responsible for whats going on in another country? I cant be held responsible for what some of my girlfriends do, let alone what a terrorist is doing on the other side of the world. Theyre not offering up, um..know, um...a degree for what Islam is about. They are our experiences as a progressive, speaking womens position. HANA ASSIFIRISo, Manal walks in wearing the niqab, the burqa, and I looked up and I went, Holy shit. There was Manal and hot on her heels was a guy with an Akubra hat. You know, go home, talk to your friends, spread the word if you are genuinely afraid of the religion, you dont need to be. JOSHEven in my mind, which Id consider myself relatively open-minded, there was an element of doubt, that is there..Islam consistent with Australian values? What came across to me is that theres no one single form of Islam and, in fact, theres a huge divergence of perspectives and of beliefs within Islam.

And, uh..cant girls be an airplane pilot and a mechanic? So, I was in a terribly violent relationship, profoundly abusive. It was the only reason my parents and my mum in particular said, Enough, and they accepted... You know, that was the straw that broke the camels back if Im going to kill myself as opposed to stay in this situation, then she would rather have a daughter than the reputation. Defying, um, cultural expectations and norms, and young women dont get divorced and come back home. Well, let me tell you, Speed Date a Muslim happens... I get totally freaked out every Sunday and the biggest reason for that is that I get absolutely scared out of my wits that I dont have enough knowledge about my own religion to be able to answer some of the questions that people have for me. HUSNA PASHAWe are all so different as a community, you know, and Im talking about..talking about 10 friends of mine. MANAL SHEHABOut of the blue, she texted me and said, Manal, theres an event happening on Lygon Street and Id like you to join me. NARRATORHana hadnt met Manal before, so had no idea of her take on Islam. Yet I think it was one of the best speed dates wed had, because I learnt something as well. SFX: APPLAUSEANAM JAVEDWhen the speed date ends, we encourage people to not just leave that conversation hanging. I learned what I maybe already knew but didnt embody enough just to be less judgemental about people who choose these things.

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HANA ASSIFIRIWe have a place filled for an hour Sunday afternoon, where we offer up complimentary coffee, tea and sweets and engagement with one another. You can ask anything, provided its an inquiry, not a judgement. I dont know where theyre from, but theyre definitely not Muslim. HANA ASSIFIRII mean, internally, I was a bit worried.

HANA ASSIFIRITheres not a day that a woman walks through the door where she needs a job and I dont give her a job, even when I dont need workers, like, I dont. So, I decided to go along because I heard it was a woman called Hana who owned the Moroccan Soup Bar, and I love the Moroccan Soup Bar. And I said, Well, ISIS definitely doesnt represent Islam.

LAYALLE EL NAJIBOnce it starts, its hectic, its full on. Were constantly managing this chaotic crisis with its own weird rhythm.