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Siwon dating rumors

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The upcoming drama will be produced by PD Song Hyun Wook who is known for his famous tv N works such as “Marriage, Not Dating” and “Another Oh Hae Young.” “Revolutionary Love” will air sometime in October.

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These proofs are not convincing enough for me to prove that they're in a relationship.. This is all a bunch of crap being spread by Seungjun akgaes.This will happen when Si Won finishes his acting duties in the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) K-drama, South Korea’s military uses conscription, or if you prefer, mandatory compulsory national service, to fill the ranks of the nation’s military.Every South Korean male between the ages of 18 to 35 must serve for two years.He has traveled to Thailand and China to shoot commercials and promoting movies.Choi Siwon, has lately been rumored to be dating Lie Wen, but is not known if it is true. that said like, i don't really see why he wouldn't have a more personal photo?

at least the comments seem to not be hating on her?

The following are 10 male k-pop male singers who are idols to many Asian girls. Initially, his parents were not supportive of his decision to venture in music.

Choi siwon was born in 1986 and is an idol to many Asian girls. In fact, after they knew of how he attended auditions without them knowing, they failed to support him as a lesson. Today, Siwon is a face to many endorsements and appears in many Korean programs.

Moonhee still hasn't debuted yet at that time, right? Everything else is reaching for the starsthe majority of the fandom is great but Seungjun has an entire carton of bad eggs who are his fans and they're loud and annoying as hell.

- Seems like the woman is not being so obvious about that.. Doesn't help that YNB sucks at their job and keep a check on this shitthat's weak but since they are both nugus anything its possible ....

This will mark as the first drama activity of Choi Siwon since his military discharge.