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Shin dong wook dating

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Actor Lee Dong Wook opened up about the tough year he had on the January 13th installment of 'Roommate 2'.

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Both Kim Hyun Joo and Lee Dong Wook are currently acting as a pair of squabbling lawyers in a lawyer firm for KBS2TV’s Partner.Lee Dong Wook expressed, "Last year, I worked a lot, but the results weren't good.This year, my goal is to return to how confident I used to be."Park Joon Hyung responded, "The thing I know is that you've already started.However, I really like him in Roommate, ;he's so charming laughing and joking around with everyone^^ ; Ohhh~ one thing I want, I really wanna watch him playing kinda romantic-comedy one, drama like 'My girls' he played with Lee Da Hae was so good^^ Park Joon Hyung is really amazing. Not because of his age that he speaks maturely but because he's been confident that's why he can only say positive things towards people. You hardly hear them talk negatively about someone or something. From fans love, and hate, negative comments, anti-fans and such, they probably have a load of them in their careers, and they tend to be more mature and resilient in tough times.His 2 dramas in 2014, Hotel King and the Iron Man (or whats that called), didnt seem to have good ratings, as people mainly talked about Misaeng, You who came from the Stars, etc.As for the variety show he is in Roommate Season 1, it got off on a rocky start, with Park Bom leaving the show early, then declining ratings and eventually so many others left also. I think at least he got 2 dramas and income in 2014, think of those celebrities who dont have a show or drama in 2014, and how bored they are.

To be fair, the ratings for Hotel King was in double digits for most part and received good reviews from critics and fans.

Korean actor Lee Dong Wook arrives for the red carpet and gala screening of ' Queeen of Langkasuka' during day four of the Bangkok International Film Festival 2008.

(Photo : Getty Images/Kristian Dowling / Staff) Appearing as a guest star on KBS2's "Entertainment Weekly," Lee revealed his ideal family set up and the number of kids he wants to have.

Lee Dong-wook made his acting debut in 1999, and went on to appear in a number of TV series before hitting stardom with 2005 romantic comedy My Girl.

The drama series became a hit during its run both domestically and across Asia, and made Lee a Korean Wave star.

"I don't care if they're sons or daughters, I just want at least three children," Soompi quoted the actor as saying.