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The road is known as 3 legged lady road because of the sightings of a woman with 3 legs.

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You have to go to the tracks and Stop on the tracks turn your vehicle off and honk your horn three times.Jenna Bush Hager and her twin, Barbara Pierce Bush, daughters of former President George W.Bush, have a new book, 'Sisters First.' Jenna talks about the election and the realization that all our presidents have been men.Jeremy, for the record was very polite in that if you were studying with your door closed he would continue down the hall.He seems to need the encouragement of an open door for an invite to interrupt any study hall sessions.The wing was closed for a year but then an overflow of students came and the wing was reopened. All that had gone down that hall said that the lights flickered and it was very cold.

The room was located at the end of the hall next to the window and on the right. The two male airmen that were assigned that room was not informed of what happened.

He went to the red rope for help, and shortly after the wing was once again shut down. Then about a year to two years later the dormitory was torn down.

The 338 training squadron still resides in original quarters and there were 3 spirits in the female wings alone.

The employees have seen misty figures floating around then disappearing when someone come in or they hear a loud noise.

Home to a specter that roams the near bridge of the swamp late at night.

The 3rd floor has a wandering spirit that roams and occasionally makes her presence known throughout the building.