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Again I made him wait, this time ten minutes or more before I entered.I was surprised that he stood up as I entered the room. I sat in the main chair and motioned to him to sit down.“Right Glen, I have considered your deceit in keeping this secret from me all theses years and rather than divorce you and have nothing more to do you, and believe me I was very close to doing just that, I have decided out of the goodness of my heart that I will give you the chance to indulge your sissy maid fantasy and keep you here but only under certain conditions.”The look on his face was worth a million dollars, the smile was huge, the sense of relief was evident and he began to gush with thanks.“Oh Ellen, I can’t believe it, I am so grateful, I thought your proposal may have been to give me a chance to stay if I rejected my sissy ways, I can’t believe you are willing to indulge me, thank you, thank you so much”“Wait a minute Glen, I have not outlined my conditions yet.”“Of course Ellen, I will accept anything, please continue”“Well the first condition Glen is you will NEVER call me Ellen again unless I give you permission.

He would hand control of his bank account to me and I could make all purchase decisions.I had over a week to prepare the necessary documents and purchased a CB-3000 chastity belt that Amy had recommended.I did not know such things existed and had to do some quick research.I could see the first sign of hesitation“But what if my boss asks why I am not being paid into my own account”“Just tell him it is better for tax reasons, besides it’s none of his business and I am sure he will not even look, it’s all computerised.”With some trepidation he brought up the Human Resources page and found the form to change banking details and typed in the account details I had given him.I felt a warm feeling deep inside as I saw him hit the “Submit” button.”Next I have some documents from my solicitor which you will sign.You can support Sissy Kiss by letting them know you found Romantasy through Sissy Kiss.~ Christie Luv actually i din't made this its from ms ellen wootonso read this....

It was 15 years into our marriage before Glen confided into me his desire to become a sissy. How could he keep a secret from me all those years!

You will be here at precisely 7pm next Thursday night, dressed in your best business suit if you want to hear my offer.

This will be a one time only offer and if you do not show up I will take it you are not interested and proceed with filing for divorce.

No questioning just pure simple obedience.”“Of course Mistress.”His eagerness to respond was puppy like, I was sure he didn’t realise what he was getting into.“The next thing is to hand control of all finances over to me.

I want you to go on line now and change the banking details on your company’s website so that your salary is now paid into this account”I handed him a note with my banking details of a new account I had set up solely in my name.

Do not try to make excuses as I will not accept any.