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Sex on webcam no payment

Sex on webcam no payment-87

We want to recruit and help webcam models to reach their goals, that`s why we offer you more than ever.Webcam models of both sexes employed at all Studio 20 live cam studios will be eligible for cumulative bonuses, which is added to the 50% gross standard commission as follows: - 2% if a model is online more than 90 hours during that period; - 5% if a model is online more than 100 hours during that period; - 5% if the income exceeds $ 10,000 in that period of time; - 5% if you are in the live cam studio`s team for a full year (12 months) without interruptions.

Unlike other live cam studios that are scamming many webcam models and then disappear overnight with their money, we respect the law and pay all our taxes.I think modeling is an expressive art form and tells a story without words.You can show movement in a still picture, and I think that is incredible to be able to have that skill.Of course, if you are communicative, serious and dedicated to performing webcam jobs, you can earn as much money as they do! This means you`ll have preferential conditions, permanent dedicated support and other additional benefits that will help you earn more money. To become a top webcam model, you don`t need previous experience with webcam jobs.During your first 5 days at Studio 20, you will have a dedicated trainer who will help you and teach you how to become a true master of seduction.I have had a few compliments regarding my style and how "perfect" my teeth are.

I am not sure of how this industry works and how we make an income on this and would like to know a little more. I have always wanted an opportunity like this and get one foot in the door into this business.

Always wanted to model and I hope ou give me this opportunity to model for you!

Hi, Do you wish you could increase your online leads?

I have a lot of experience and knowledge to succeed in this career.

If any one needs any advice or knowledge on how to succeed and what fun stuff to do with your audience just email me @ [email protected] buen día queremos trabajar con ustedes somos una pareja heterosexual.

With so many benefits at your disposal, it's time to become one of the most successful webcam models in the world!