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She was such a gentle heart who never hurt anybody.'She was the type of girl who would take in stray cats and look after them. She was always taking in animals.'There was never any hint at all of any trouble from her or to her from anyone.She was a loving young woman.'I just cannot understand why this would happen to Ketie.

Officers have spoken to her co-workers who were with her that evening, friends she had known for years and members of her family, but no solid clues have emerged. Alex Watson of Charlotte police told Daily 'We are determined to get justice for her family.Lebanon, Mc Keesport, Monroeville and New Kensington in the Pittsburgh sex personals.In fact, hot no strings sex awaits you all over the county seat of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.Acclaim: The restaurant where Ketie worked has been hailed by the critics.Pride of place in it goes to this memento of Hillary Clinton and President Obama campaigning there.Ketie's body was found by a neighbor who believed he had heard a firework being discharged and had gone to investigate.

He found Ketie lying face down and thought she had tripped over on the sidewalk on the Plaza, behind the offices of a realtor.

One of her best friends Brendan Coffey said: 'Ketie would be beside herself seeing how the love and trust in our community strengthened in the face of losing her, instead of giving into despair, mistrust, and anger.'It's very difficult to look past the meaninglessness of what happened to Ketie.

I struggle to think of why and how this happened every day.'This project has helped by creating something meaningful to remember her, enrich the community she loved so much, and give deserving students the opportunity to pursue Ketie's passions at UNC Charlotte.'Her mother, speaking of her anger at Ketie's killer said: 'How could you? 'She did everything she could to help everybody she could.

But without a car she was unable to make the two hour journey.

Her work colleagues recall how she missed out on meeting former President Obama and losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when they made a campaign visit to their restaurant.

She put her heart out there and she doesn't deserve this.'We deserve to know if it was random or by somebody she knew.'It's scary to think that with all these memorials…