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Sex chat conversation in yahoo

The documents turned over by Snowden to the publication revealed that Optic Nerve was in its infancy in 2008 and that it was still active in 2012.

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This time, details about alleged nude images collected by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) of Britain have surfaced and have created another tidal wave of privacy concerns.The document, as reviewed by the British publication, indicated that legalities of the program were also considered especially upon the development and proven accuracy of its algorithm.A portion of the document purportedly discusses the potential of the Kinect camera of the Xbox, which can be part of an even wider target."As we've said before, the National Security Agency does not ask its foreign partners to undertake any intelligence activity that the US government would be legally prohibited from undertaking itself," said Vanee Vines, NSA spokesperson."The NSA works with a number of partners in meeting its foreign intelligence mission goals, and those operations comply with US law and with the applicable laws under which those partners operate." The new revelation comes even as a security expert at the RSA Conference in San Francisco has called for people to be "truly outraged" to protect one's freedom and privacy.There are no provisions in existing UK laws that inhibit British intelligence agents to access images of Americans captured by the program.

"In one six-month period in 2008 alone, the agency collected webcam imagery - including substantial quantities of sexually explicit communications - from more than 1.8 million Yahoo user accounts globally," reported The Guardian.

"It is a longstanding policy that we do not comment on intelligence matters.

"Furthermore, all of GCHQ's work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that our activities are authorised, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight, including from the secretary of state, the interception and intelligence services commissioners and the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee.

With no discussion or details about possible age, gender, or nationality of the monitored Yahoo webcam chats, it is only clear that the snooping done by GCHQ is the worst possible nightmare of those who engaged in sexually, provocative chats.

"We were not aware of, nor would we condone, this reported activity.

With storage concerns and an attempt to comply with existing laws, the agency opted to record an image per five minutes of a webcam feed instead of capturing whole video chats.