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My mother’s boyfriend came into my room to say goodnight. He told me it was “safe” to have sex with him — he’d had a vasectomy and wouldn’t get me pregnant. I went to school the next day, sitting in class like nothing happened. Though life has taught me that you don’t need to leave the house to be harassed or hurt. And if women are valued mostly for their looks, and you refuse to play that game, what then is your value? Even the very best men in my life cannot understand this. I hate it when they refuse to listen, when they won’t try to understand. To say you are not sexist (or racist or phobic) is always the wrong answer. We are, for the most part, sheltered white girls who grew up in the suburbs. Imagine if we spoke with an accent or came from another country or had to undertake work that put us at risk.He sat on my bed, ran his hand under the covers and put his fingers up inside me. I told my mother only that he had propositioned me, not anything else. You might think I’m beautiful, to get this much attention, but I’m not. The right answer is a question: Why do you think that? Privilege does not protect you from gender violence, but I have to believe it helps.

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Rodrigue, 25, had asked Newton about the whether he enjoyed the approach wide receiver Devin Funchess was taking to running his routes.The next day I tried to talk to him, to tell him what had happened wasn't okay. It’s been 20 years now, but I have a better answer for the question I once asked my therapist: Why is it that I have experienced so much abuse, so much violence in my life? Because there is simply that much violence against women in this world. There have been other instances as well, though less violent. The mistake we make is thinking that harassment is about desire, lust or even attraction. To stop and look at a watch or phone would put me at risk. Sometimes we harm or self-injure, treating ourselves as poorly as we have been treated. When I hear news of a female suicide, I always wonder., defended herself Wednesday night after Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton laughed at a question she asked, saying it was “funny to hear a female” talk about receiver routes.“I don’t think it’s ‘funny’ to be a female and talk about routes.Ten years ago, Nathan and I placed our firstborn son for adoption. I had just graduated from Northwest University, a Christian college on the Eastside, and was preparing to spend two years in Jakarta, Indonesia, as an associate missionary.

I got my acceptance letter to the program the same week I took a pregnancy test.

His comments, Rodrigue said, “belittled” her and other women who work in similar jobs.

The misogyny endured by female sports reporters received fresh attention last year with the viral video of real men reading mean tweets sent to Chicago-based journalists Julie Di Caro and Sarah Spain.

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I ran into that boy at a Christmas party decades later. I chose well and never had to deal with the latter. When I was twenty, I went running on a bike path along a river in the city where I was a student. When I saw her, I burst into tears and she thought someone had died. The next day I asked the dean of my academic program to go with me to the police station. We didn’t find my attackers; I hadn’t expected we would. I once asked a therapist why it is that I have experienced four instances of significant sexual abuse in my life. It’s enough to make you think I might have been careless rather than just unlucky. “Sometimes, when a person has experienced trauma, their protection instincts are damaged and it leaves them open and more likely to experience abuse again.” I’ve thought about this a lot.