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Rift patcher updating

The schedule above has been updated to reflect this change. Starting October 5th until October 31st, Riders can receive a reward each day when they log in to Riders of Icarus.

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If you log out during that time and log back in, the timer will continue counting from where it was when you logged out (it will not reset and force you to start the 30 minutes over again).This gauge changes based on your ship’s weight, and the number of thrusters.To further improve the flight experience we’ve added a chase cam to the exterior view of the ship this should make ship flight feel easier and more natural when flying in exterior view.Izhora, a Fallen Legion Supreme Commander who seeks vengeance against Salant, the Virtue, has had his spirit trapped in the Breach.He now collects other lost souls in effort to build a new army and find a way out of the Breach.For more information on the updates in Ellora’s Shop, click here. Power up your Rider in preparation for the journey into dangers that await within the Tritael Rift.

With the level increase comes new skills for abilities for each class as well as upgrades to existing skills for some classes.

Familiars that can be discovered and tamed include: White Tear, Voidbeast Drauph, Void Kravid, Red Horn Galadoku, Pegasus, Masto, Leonid, Keeshar, Golden Wings Abras, Embra, Blade, Black Dragon Balark, Abagne, Abritus, Atan, Berit, Ingid, Karnin, Nivah, Sonos, and Ura If you are a new Rider creating a new character, you can now earn rewards that will help you rise up to max level quicker than ever before!

As you earn levels during the event period, you will receive special class-specific gift boxes at Levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.

Join the Pegasus Knights and explore this mysterious place littered with the corpses of dragons and titans.

The Breach is a large broken path of floating land masses inhabited by an army of countless evil spirits, those of the monsters slain by heroes.

So while not physically correct, what we always hoped to achieve was a balance between fun gameplay and interesting build options.